A Very Perfect Saturday

Ever since Tater Tot came along and convinced me to take a break from my high-paying, high-powered, and ego-boosting career as a first grade teacher in the public school system, the days seem to roll together and sometimes I forget which day it is.  And yes, it could be that I am JUST that unorganized.  Take your pick.  I like to think it’s the first one, but that’s just me.


Today, however, has been Saturday all day long, and it was great.  Tater Daddy’s sister, Dee, had some things to do here in the big city, so she and her 16-year-old daughter, Caroline, made the hour-long trip from our sweet little hometown.  While Dee ran errands and shopped around, Caroline believed she’d just hang out with us. 


WOO-HOO!  Because we LOVES us some Caroline!  And Tater Tot thinks she is all that and a brand new tractor!  When she came to the door, he actually shook with excitement! He squealed and hollered and yelled her name.  She couldn’t put her things down fast enough before he was saying, “Up, up, up, Caroline!”  


The thing is, we didn’t do anything particularly interesting.  Dee ran errands and did a little shopping.  Caroline gave Tater Tot oodles of attention and love and he gave her oodles of attention and love in return.  He emptied her purse and she let him, laughing every time he pulled something out and said, “Oooh!  What’s this?”


She let him play with her cell phone.  Tater Daddy and I would’ve yanked that thing away so fast that Tater Tot would’ve spun around six times.  Caroline just kept an eye on him.  No big deal.


We went to lunch.  Burgers.  Fries. Grilled cheese. (NOTE: It was at lunch that I learned that you can get a superneat plug-in doohickey for your laptop that enables you to be in the car, on the computer and on the internet ALL AT THE SAME TIME. But hopefully not while driving.  Y’all!  The technology!  It has come so far.  I have GOT to pay more attention.  Really, would it just kill Diego or Dora or The Wonder Pets to mention some of this?)


We took Tater Tot into a Relax the Back store, and I wasn’t all that worked up about watching him.  I let him get some of the weighted exercise balls off the shelf and carry them around.  Not bad for a fella who only weighs 29-pounds himself.  (Tater Daddy acted a little horrified, but I was taking my revenge.  Letting a 2-year-old loose in the store was the least I could do after their $3,000+ anti-gravity chair became an anti-working chair after less than five years.)


Back at the house, Tater Tot napped.  Caroline and I watched part of a Lifetime movie. We watched something on the Food channel where some yahoo challenged Paula Dean to a country fried steak throw-down.  We love Paula, so we had to make sure she ran him out of town, which she did.  But she was nice about it, of course.  

Caroline and I talked about this and that and nothing in particular, and it was great.  She’s good company and she’s so funny.  It’s been one of the great blessings of my life to watch her grow into the young woman she’s becoming.  


All too soon Dee was back from running errands, Tater Tot was up from his nap, and it was time for the family visit to come to an end.  It’s not like we never see each other.  We’re an hour away and Tater Tot and I are back and forth to that wonderful little town all the time.  


But let’s face it.  Caroline will be a junior in high school this year.  In two short years, she’ll head off to college, and a whole new world will open up for her.  We won’t have the luxury of these “Saturday Afternoon Hangouts.”  It makes me a little sad.  For Tater Tot.  For myself.  For Tater Daddy.  Because remember the part earlier where I said that WE LOVES US SOME CAROLINE?


Like Scarlett O’Hara, though, I don’t have to worry about all that today.  Because we had today, and today  was just perfect.


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  1. caroline prince
    Aug 04, 2008 @ 02:09:34

    awwwwwwwwwww well thank ya!!!! i love the post about me!!! of course who would b stupid enpugh not to?? haha anyway… ill have to get a cute little nickname too!! just kiddin!! talk to ya later


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