The Waterboy

Oh, hello there!  I’m writing from inside the refrigerator, and if you live anywhere in the South, I’m sure you’re in your refrigerator, too.  If we had a deep freeze, I’d have a lawn chair set up in it before you could say, “Unwrap one of those fudgesicles!”  


This heat, I do declare, is sucking all the energy right out of me.  It takes everything I have to go out in it for the tiniest little errand or chore, yet Tater Tot seems to be oblivious to the fact that it is OH SO STINKIN’ HOT.  He would stay outside until he melted if we’d let him.  He begs and pleads to go outside, so the other afternoon — it had to be after 6:00 — I coated him with sunscreen (because I am paranoid) and out we went.  I needed to hook up the sprinklers in the flower beds anyway.


When Tater Tot saw me fiddling with the hoses, he started yelling, “Rain!  Mama, rain!” and “Me help, Mama?”  Help?  What in the world was he talking about?  And then I remembered that Tater Daddy let him “help” water the beds a month or two ago, so I thought Why not?  It’ll be a good way to keep cool in all this stinkin’ heat.


Don’t you just love it when a 2-year-old helps out?

That one little patch of grass is not in danger of dying.  After a little coaxing and convincing that I was NOT going to take the hose away, I got him to move closer to the flowers.  


We’re a little closer, at least, and he was having the BEST time!  Finally, he managed to water some little shrubs, and Duke came over to help.    


Finally, Tater Tot decided he wanted to figure out just how this thing worked, and the only way to learn is to test it…


Bless it!  Some things, you just have to learn the hard way.  


(By the way, he DID turn the hose on me and I wish I could bottle that laughter and keep it forever.)


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  1. Upside Brown
    Aug 07, 2008 @ 21:51:12

    I am dying for a bikini and a careening yellow sprinkler head to jump through – like when I was… um…7 or 3…. the ages when I could actually WEAR a bikini and enjoy being sprayed in the face! Love me some Taters!


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