Bits and Pieces From the Week

Tater Tot’s second birthday was exactly two weeks ago, and he is talking up a storm.  “What’s that?” is the question he asks about 98 times a day, and let me just tell you that he pays attention when you give him the answer.


One might say that he loves knowledge.  In fact, he yearns for it. 


At any rate, Tater Tot has been tickling my funny bone this week, and I thought I’d share.  Thanks for indulging me.  I realize these things may very well be funny only to me, but I don’t want to forget them and being a bear of little brain, I’m certain to if I don’t write them down.


Scene One:  (Pawpaw and Gammy’s Farm.)  

Obviously, those two are Tater Daddy’s parents.  They are professional grandparents, and Tater Tot is WILD, let me say it again, WILD about them.  Pawpaw, Tater Tot and I rode through the pastures to “check the cows” one afternoon this week.  I think those two could ride for hours and be as happy as clams.  Here’s what Tater Tot had to say.

Tater Tot:  Hi, cows.  How are you doing?

Tater Tot:  Oooh, baby cow is so cute!

(In one particular pasture, a REALLY BIG ONE, finding the herd was proving to be rather difficult, and Pawpaw and I were laughing about how losing a bunch of cows is not a good sign.)

Tater Tot:  Moos…..where ARE you?  Where are yooooooooo?  

(We finally found the herd, which made Tater Tot very happy.  If you’ve never driven through a field of cows, well, it’s the strangest thing.  You can drive right up to them.  They’re kind of skittish, so eventually they’ll move, but they’re used to Pawpaw’s truck, so we were right up on them and kind of weaving through the herd.)  

Tater Tot:  Skooze us, moos.  Skooze us.  (Pawpaw LOVED this one!)

Tater Tot:  Bye-bye, cows.  See you soon.  I wuv you.


Scene Two.

Tater Mama:  Tater Tot, what should we get Poopsie for her birthday?

Tater Tot:  CAKE!  CAKE!  CAKE!


Scene Three.  (In the car)

Tater Tot:  Where that truck go?

Tater Mama:  I don’t know, but we are going to our house.

Tater Tot:  No, Mama.  Poopsie house. Poopsie house, Mama.  Peeeeze?  Okaaaaaaay!  Let’s go!

Tater Mama:  We’ll see Poopsie tomorrow.  Hooray!  But Tater Tot and Mama are going to our house now.

Tater Tot: Poopsie, now, Mama?  Peeeze?  Tank yooo!  Okaaay!


Scene Four.  (In the bathroom.)

Tater Mama: (with tissue to Tot’s nose)  Okay, 1-2-3, blow!

Tater Tot:  (moves my hand away from nose and puts his little finger up one nostril)  No, I got it.

Tater Mama:  (trying not to laugh right out loud) No, let’s blow your nose.

Tater Tot:  (finger still in nose)  What’s that?  Oh, boogah?  Yuck, Mama.  You hab it.

(At this point I have tears running down my face because (1) it’s the first time he’s said “boogah” and (2) the way he said “boogah.”  I can’t help it, y’all.  I just can’t help it!)


Scene Five.  

Tater Tot leaves the den but we can hear him talking to himself.  All of a sudden we hear THE CACKLE and he streaks through the house wearing nothing but a smile.  This child is very proud of his physique!  As he runs he hollers,



Final Scene. (On the floor, playing with Tater Tot.)

Tater Tot:  TRACTORS!  Vrooooom!  (and all kinds of little boy tractor-ish noises)

Tater Mama:  Buddin’-buddin’-buddin’….   (I do my best, y’all.)

Tater Tot:  Mama?

Tater Mama:  What, my love?

Tater Tot:  Hug?  Hug?  (By this time he’s on his way to me…)

Tater Mama:  Oooooh!  HUG!  (Big hug!  Mmmmm!)

Tater Tot:  Kiss?

Tater Mama:  Oooh hoo hooo!  (Smooch!) 

Tater Tot:  Mama?  More kisses?  Peeeze?


Always more kisses, always more hugs, always and forever, our precious little Tater.


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