The Olympic Spirit…Mostly

We tuned in and watched the Olympic opening ceremonies Friday night, and I have to admit that we were pretty impressed.  It wasn’t the yawner that the last couple of openers have been.  I don’t know that I even bothered with the last two summer openings other than to tell Tater Daddy, “Come get me if something really good happens, like if the torch won’t light.  Anything less than that and please leave me to my gargantuan bowl of Rotel, gossip magazines, and latest chick flick.” 

Tater Daddy loves the Olympics.  I mean, he LOVES them.  Like a lot of folks, I enjoy them, too, but my husband truly looks forward to them.  For the duration of the games, he won’t read the sports section in the paper until the evening, and he’ll leave the room when the newscasters warn that they’re about to give updates from Beijing because he wants to watch the games and be surprised! “The thrill of victory; the agony of defeat,” etc.  

He just walked through the room I’m in and said, “Michael Phelps is going to swim in about 20 minutes.  And it’s a big one.  It’s a relay, and he can’t control everyone else, and if they don’t win then he can’t get 8 gold medals.  Plus, our women’s gymnastics team is strugglin’ right now, so if you could say a little prayer for them, I’m sure they’d appreciate it.” He’s just silly about it.  I tease him a little bit, but it’s really one of the things I love most about him.  The Olympics make him happier and even goofier than normal, and that’s one heck of a fun Tater Daddy.  

So, in the spirit of the Olympics and all, I decided that we should order Chinese take-out for supper tonight.  Tater Tot has never had Chinese food, and it’s never too early to introduce him to different cultures. Especially the foods of other cultures.  He tried vegetable fried rice and a little sweet-n-sour chicken, and he liked them both.  Then we split a springroll, which he declared, “Mmmmm…soooo good!”  And it was, y’all.  Shredded cabbage and chicken rolled up in that paper-thin goodness and FRIED? Puh-leeeze! 


(Oh, my! Nothing like a picture to show all three of you that I’ve also taken a break from cleaning dirty little fingerprints off a certain someone’s chair. Well, whatever.  There will plenty of time to clean when Tater Tot is a teenager and ignoring me like I’m a…parent.)

A little while after supper, we brought the celebration back to our own country, and we showed our pride in the USA by enjoying a red, white, and blue dessert.  Again, our model for the evening is none other than Tater Tot.  (Due to a little spillage while trying to drink from a cup without a lid and straw, our model required a dry shirt.  Bless it.)


So to recap, we watched the Olympics, introduced our two-year-old to a little Chinese culture, and helped him learn the colors that represent his country.   

Please.  I just didn’t feel like cooking and the popsicles were on sale at the grocery.

(But we ARE rooting for our American athletes.  Go get ’em, USA!)


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