I May Have Watched Too Much Kids’ TV:Part One

I know what all the experts say about toddlers and television and how they shouldn’t watch ANYTHING or be exposed to ANY of it until they’re at least two.  Well, I supposed we’ve failed at parenting, as we have exposed Tater Tot to the big bad television.  Dun, dun, duh…!  


And because the Tater Tot and I are practically joined at the hip, I have gotten to know the little characters on the the shows that “bad, bad” PBS and Noggin are offering our children.  (Before I get to rambling, I have to say that I’m kind of impressed with some of the shows and how they encourage the children to get up and move around.  Let me tell you, Tater Tot listens to those little people, and he gets into the audience participation parts!   We encourage it and do it with him, but he is enthusiastic about it, and when he really gets into it Tater Daddy and I are rolling around on the floor just-a-laughing!)


Okay, so here’s why I think that I might have gone around the bend a bit on this particular subject.


It’s a Big, Big World.  This might be my favorite show on TV.  If I were a cartoon character, I would want to be on this show, which airs on PBS.  Snook, a sloth, is the main character and he’s kind of this groovy, hippie kind of fella.  There are a couple of monkeys (Smooch and Winslow), a red-eyed tree frog (Warts), an anteater (Bob), a tortoise (Madge), a fish (Ick), and a bird (Birdette).  I don’t think I’ve left anyone out.  Any-ol-hoo, they’re just the sweetest characters, and the show has such good lessons about taking care of our world.  I’m all worried about the rain forest, particularly The World Tree, where my new best friends the totally fictional cartoon characters live.  What if some idiot cuts it down? Where will Snook and the gang go?  As Tim Gunn would say, “Frankly, I’m concerned.” 


Barney.  I take back every ugly thing I ever said about the giant purple dinosaur.  I knew not of what I spoke, people!  Barney is our friend!  I know this because he gives grown-ups 20 minutes of uninterrupted time EVERY SINGLE DAY.  Therefore, I have made it my business to care about the giant purple dinosaur and his dino peeps.  Why?  (Did you read the part about the 20 minutes earlier?  Kidding.  A little.)  Because Tater Tot cares.  He loves the music and the singing.  And the dancing?  Just see for yourself.

There’s the little man, decked out in his fish pajamas and his Daddy’s hat (which I did not put on him, by the way), learnin’ some steps.  He’s gotta make sure he can impress the chicks at Mothers’ Day Out with his dance moves.  His Saturday Night Fever-like white suit is in the closet, just waiting for that first MDO disco party.


You know, Barney has got to be pushing, what, several billion years old, so I’m kind of worried about his health.  He seems to be puttin’ on some weight there around the mid-section and thighs.  I hope he’s taking his calcium.  I know that dinosaur bones are pretty strong and all, seeing that archaeologists keep digging them up and displaying them, but still.  Bone health is nothing to ignore, as Sally Field keeps telling us.


Cailiou.  Why doesn’t this child have a name I can spell?  Where is his hair?  Why doesn’t his mother ever change clothes?  Does every episode take place on the weekend, or does the dad ONLY go to work three times a month?  Because he’s always at home.  And what’s up with Julie, the babysitter?  She always shows up with a game she’s prepared ahead of time.  WHAT teenage babysitter does that?   

The Backyardigans.  We were introduced to this little gang long before we actually tuned in.  My friend’s then four-year-old was telling me all about them and how he really liked them.  Well, of course he did!  They’re the cutest little group of playmates on television!  I love how they use their imaginations to come up with their adventures and then they end their playtime with a snack.  Oh yeah, I’d join that group.  I’m all about socializing with folks who like to have fun AND eat.


My favorite one is Tasha because she’s soooo girlie, and she says, “Oh for goodness sakes!”  I think her people are from the South, y’all.  Well, her hippo-people, that is.  She’s just as cute as a button.  I like Tyrone, too, because he seems like a very well-mannered little moose.  And Pablo, the penguin?  Well, he’s just a hoot with that little beanie he wears.  He gets so worked up and excited over things!  Austin is a little dragon, I think.  He has the tail and all, but he doesn’t breathe fire.  Is he a little dinosaur?  I just don’t know.  At any rate, he is a little sweetheart — always ready to help his friends.  Then there’s Uniqua. I have no idea what creature she’s supposed to be, but she is sassy!  She can do it all, my friends, and she is always up for an adventure.  She would TOTALLY try out for Survivor, but she’s way too sweet to play.  She could never hurt someone’s feelings.  However, that might just work in her favor because no one would think of voting her out early on and she’d have tons of votes by the final tribal council.


WHEW!  I’m exhausted!  And I haven’t even gotten to the ones that REALLY worry me.


Tater Tot is in the den playing and laughing with a Bouncing Tigger that he got for his birthday a few weeks ago.  I think I’ll go join in the fun.  Speaking of Tigger, I’ve always wondered how he felt, you know, being the ONLY one and all.  Did he get lonely?  What happened to his parents?  Is he now on the list of endangered fictional characters?


See, there I go again.




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  1. Calista
    Aug 12, 2008 @ 16:43:24

    You’d think I could at least proof before I send…. “parents, always wear long sleeves.” I’m using the lap top and not used to it yet… that’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it.


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