“I’ve Got a Right to Sing the Blues”

Sam Cook’s lyrics speak of my grief.  And Sam, only Sam Cook himself, sings them like he knows my pain.


“Call it love, say what you choose

I’ve got a right to sing the blues

I’ve got a right, got a right,

got a right to sing the blues

got a right to moan and sigh

got a right to sit and cry

down along the river…”


Oh, y’all.  I just didn’t even see it coming.  There were no warning signs to speak of.  Everything seemed normal.  I guess I just wasn’t paying enough attention.  


You see….(SNIFF, SNIFF, SNIFFFFF)……it’s just that…….oh, please do excuse me.  Really.  I need to talk about it in order to start the healing process, and I know that all three of you will understand why this is so traumatic.  




I…I…I don’t know what happened.  It’s just so hard to believe.  I keep replaying the day over and over in my head.


I got up one morning and put them on like I do nearly every day of my life, threw on a tee shirt, and Tater Tot and I headed to Mothers’ Day Out.  As I got back into my car, I thought, Hmmm, now that kind of feels like leather, and I know I’m not wearing my purple leather hot pants.  It’s not even noon.  Hmmm…. And then I shifted a little bit.  Yeah.  That’s when I heard the sound of fabric splitting.


I pulled over (on a side street so don’t fret) and turned the flashers on, because this was an emergency!  A fashion emergency!  My beloved denim capris were injured and I was not about to drive one more car-length until I knew what I was dealing with.   (Don’t you know that people who passed by wondered what in the sam hill I was doing?  I mean, I had to look a little strange.)


You’d think the jeans were ripped  in the obvious place wouldn’t you?  Heck no!  The tear was at the bottom corner of one of the pockets, and it went straight down from there.  What a sick feeling.  Sick, sick, sick. There was no hope for fixing these jeans.  These wonderful, soft, comfortable capris.


I drove home slowly, remembering all the good times we’d shared.  The afternoon snuggles with Tater Tot right after he’d gotten up from his nap and was still groggy and clingy.  The hours of playing on the floor with him.  Trips to the zoo, our favorite bookstore, and TCBY.   The list is just endless.  (As I’m sure you’re beginning to think this post is.)


I have no idea where I bought the denim delights, but they weren’t expensive.  If I had to guess, I’d say they’re from “the Stein Mart(s)” – props to BooMama – or TJ Maxx.  And the brand?  Haven’t a clue and don’t care in the least.  The jeans didn’t do anything particularly wonderful for my…um…you know…back-yonder-region, but who gives a flip?  They were comfortable and I lurved them.  I get all emotional just thinking about them.  Good times, y’all.  Good times.


And although I still love them, I know that I have to let them go.  As hard as it is, I have to say farewell, and so I bid them adieu.  




Y’all know what THAT means.  I’m actually going to have to shop for a new pair of denim capris. Talk about singing the blues….



“Souls wouldn’t wear suits and ties, they’d wear blue jeans and sit cross-legged with a glass of red wine.”

(Carrie Latet)


5 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Upside Brown
    Aug 13, 2008 @ 12:29:14

    I feel sure that BooMama would encourage you to find some nifty way of salvaging those jeans! A denim pillow for Tater Tot’s room… or say…. hang those babies up in a frame. Because you know… a good pair of blue jeans deserves the royalty treatment and such. Pay proper homage to them. Fold them meticulously or hang them on the wall. You can’t keep a good pair of jeans down!!


  2. Calista
    Aug 14, 2008 @ 02:19:09

    Will there be a service in honor of these failthful britches that have served you so well?


  3. Tater Mama
    Aug 13, 2008 @ 15:28:03

    I have been giving it some serious thought. I sure do miss them.

    The fact that you asked the question touches my heart, sista Calista! We may be kindred spirits, indeed!


  4. Ginny
    Aug 13, 2008 @ 22:39:17

    Ok, Mare, I first apologize for not reading daily like I did earlier this summer; you know, school has started, and I have spent my “free” time running errands, etc. that I have postponed until now. I FINALLY have time to catch up on everyone’s lives; Calista told me about your jeans tonight at choir practice, so I had to make it a priority to pay my respects. I KNOW how you feel, ESPECIALLY about having to go shopping for a new pair. GIRLFRIEND, I had to shop for bras today…YUCK!!!! I told Calista that the worst part was getting used to the wire again; my old bras were so old that the wires, etc.. just molded to my skin. Tonight, I felt like I couldn’t even put my arms by my side because the wires were so STIFF!!! Anyway, what women have to do to be “beautiful” (or at least comfortable!!!) Again, I’m so sorry…


  5. Melissa Salazar
    Aug 17, 2008 @ 21:50:55

    You are freakin’ hilarious!


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