I Couldn’t Help But Notice

A few things caught my eye today as I was slaving over a hot stove reading USA Today, people.com and the like.  Just thought I’d, you know, share my thoughts.  No pennies necessary.


1.  No one in the world believes that the girls on China’s women’s gymnastics team are 16.  I do believe that we have none other than yesterday’s birthday girl, Big Mama, to thank for breaking the story wide open a couple of days ago.  Obviously the whole world has caught on to Big Mama.  And rightly so. Good call, Big Mama.  Good call.


2.  Princess Cruise Lines has invited none other than TRISTA and RYAN to celebrate their 5th anniversary by christening the newest “Love Boat.”  (It doesn’t matter how you try to word it….it pretty much has to be phrased that way.  Sorry.  I wouldn’t obsess over it if Tater Daddy hadn’t said, “In public? I think you can get arrested for that.”  The menfolk.  What to do about the menfolk?)


Anyway, back to the cruise line’s marketing ploy.  Am I the only one who would jump overboard?  Okay, I probably wouldn’t jump, but I might lower myself down using a rope or something.  Don’t get me wrong, here.  I wish them nothing in the world but happiness, and I think it’s wonderful that they are happy and have a little family going and all.  But I kind of think that most folks moved past the I just love Trista and Ryan! They are so sweet and I’m so glad she picked him and they are just the cutest couple EVER! about 12 seconds after we watched them — in between 217 commercial breaks — get hitched.  


I guess I’m just sayin’ that Tater Daddy and I won’t be calling the travel agency to book us on this one.


(Of course, now I have The Love Boat‘s theme song stuck in my head.  I suppose it’s only fair.)


3.  Brittney Spears is ALL about being a mom these days.




Well, that one just leaves me, you know, speechless.


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