When It Rains, It Pours

If Tater Tot and I said it once today, we must have said it at least a dozen times.  “Thank you, God, for the rain.”  (Or in the Tot’s words, “Tank you, Gahwut, foh de wain.”)  I imagine that God appreciates being thanked, but I’ll bet the second one makes Him giggle just a smidgen.


Goodness knows, y’all, we needed this rain, and it was one of those really good ones.  It was strong enough so that you could hear it — and I do lurv the sound of a good, steady rain.  There was a little thunder, but not so booming as to be frightening.  That was very nice, because there are some people out there who tend to get a little askeered by loud thunder — to the point of crawling into the bottom of a closet and clutching a Pooh Bear that’s been carefully stashed away just for these situations.  Not that I know anyone who does that…of course.


As Tater Tot napped, the rain started coming down a bit harder.  In fact it was pouring, and I thought of that old saying that I’ve used as the title.  Then, it occurred to me that several Oh-For-Pete’s-Sake-What-Else-Can-Go-Wrong things around here have happened all at once.  Such as:


  • I took my station wagon in for service last week and the rear wiper blade needed changing.  Today, of all days, I realized that guess what?  There’s NO wiper blade back there at all.  It’s not like it’s a major deal, but it’s just one more thing to put on the ever-growing TO DO list.
  • As I was cleaning up from lunch, I turned on the disposal.  Nothing.  Not the first little hum.  Not the first little growl.  Ummmm….that’s gonna be pretty.  It’s always fun when THIS happens.
  • My digital camera has met the same fate as my favorite pair of jeans. THIS is almost too much to take.  Tater Tot was being his usual charming self, and I wanted to capture the moment.  I tried several sets of batteries.  New ones. Because I’m a thinker, don’t you know.  The camera itself finally said, “Give it up.  I am out of here!” 
  • Finally, there is a mouse in this house.  I’ve seen it once, but I’ve heard it scratching around behind and under furniture.  It is driving Pearl and the two yellow dogs nuts, but none of the three can catch the darn thing.  If only Zeus were a younger dog…our little rodent wouldn’t have a chance.  But, bless his old doggy heart, he’s about 93 in dog years, so his senses aren’t what they used to be.  I called our pest service and the technician came today and put out a couple of traps.  
I also got to thinkin’ about some other things.  Well, you can see for yourself.
When Tater Tot spends time with his books, oh, what joy fills my heart! He loves, loves, loves his books.
He loves being outside.  And if being outside includes Daddy, well, even better.
Tater Tot loves getting soggy.  Getting him to take a bath is rarely a struggle.
This is a picture of my Daddy and Tater Tot when the Tot was about six-months old or so.  There is no telling how much time he added to Daddy’s life.  Without a doubt, Tater Tot improved his quality of life more than any medicine out there.  
This is Poopsie.  Need I say more?
So, yes, sometimes it seems like the everyday things-that-can-go-wrong stuff piles up all at once.
But then, we also have a little someone to remind us that a couple of years ago, things went right.  I take a look around at our little family, and the blessings just flow.
So, yes, sometimes when it rains, it pours.  And very  often, that’s not a bad thing.
Not a bad thing at all.

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