Chin Up, Y’all

While Tater Tot and I were visiting my Mama today, I decided it was high time we downloaded the pictures from her camera.  For a year and a half, she’s been snapping away but none of us — herself included — have ever seen the pictures.  (It’s a streak that runs rampant on her side of the family.  For years, we’ve posed, said cheese, and tried not to blink or look too stunned when the flash goes off, but we’ve yet to see the end result of all that effort.)


Mama hasn’t downloaded them onto her computer because she “doesn’t have one of those thingies that does that.”  After I used my plug-in thingy and the pictures were on her PC, neither one of us could figure out how to attach them in an email and send it.  (When it comes to the techie stuff, the apple did not fall far from the tree.)  


Any-ol-hoo, on the drive home I was thinking about the week ahead; things we need to do around the house, errands to run, appointments that I hope I won’t forget about, and the like. 


Then I got to thinking about my teacher-friends, who are starting their second week of school and what a hectic time of year this is.  It’s tough getting back into the school routine — for kids, parents, and teachers alike!  There’s so much to do and learn and – have mercy – didn’t the summer just fly by?  Now it’s time for homework, after-school sports, music lessons, church activities, and the list just goes on.  It can get downright overwhelming.


Things will settle down soon, but I thought I’d share a picture I found today.  Maybe it’ll help you start your week off with a laugh.


Keep your chin up, y’all!


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