You Can’t Blame a Turtle for Trying

It appears that a bunch of just-hatched sea turtlets (that should SO be a word) in southern Italy got all turned around and confused, and instead of flipper-flopping toward the ocean, they headed inland.  Bless ’em.  Life’s tough enough when you’re just born and you have someone to help you.  Can you imagine having to bust through a shell, only to find that you’ve been buried under a bunch of sand?  Sure, it was for your own safety.  But it’s hardly a warm welcome…you know, finding out you started life buried alive and all.  After digging my way out of the sand with umpteen other flippers in my face, having been stepped on and pushed around, my sense of direction might be a little out of whack, too.


So here we have a whole mess of baby sea turtles who are supposed to “…find their way back to the big blue,” as Crush tells us in Finding Nemo.  


How-ev-uh.  There happens to be a beachside restaurant right there where said hatchlings became disoriented.  Or perhaps they were just hungry.  Because they headed for the restaurant.  I can just hear it now.  (I do not speak Italian; only southern, so…)


Hey, y’all!  I think we’re supposed to go into the water.


Oh, mercy! That big, dark, scary wet place?  I just don’t know, sugar.  It looks big, dark, and scary.  Let’s look around a little bit and see what all’s around here.


Well, I declare!  Would you just LOOK at those pretty lights over yonder?  They are just-a-twinkling and sparkling.  Let’s go over and say hey.  Oh, yoohoo!  Lights?  We’ll be right there!


And what is that wonderful smell?  Is that…is that…land-sakes-alive!  I think I smell lasagna!  And I just bet you anything they’ve got some fried cheese. Oh, Heavens-to-Betsy!  Flippers, don’t fail me now!


Sure enough, the 60 or so turtlets made it to the restaurant.  Keep in mind that they were just born, so their eyesight wasn’t so great.  It was dark, and they obviously had sand in their eyes.  Who can see well under those circumstances?


The poor little things bumped into some patrons’ feet, which I’m sure startled the guests and turtles alike.  After a while, someone called whomever it is you call when five dozen sea turtles show up at an Italian restaurant without reservations, and the baby turtles were herded back to the ocean and sent safely on their way. (I wonder if they were given little bitty to-go boxes?)


You can’t blame a turtle for trying.  


Heck.  I’d have crawled toward that food, too.  




(Unless you want to read about it for yourselves.  If you do, please let me lead you to the story.)


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Upside Brown
    Aug 19, 2008 @ 15:31:56

    I am flippin’ crackin’ up!!!


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