Welcome To My World, Tater Daddy

Parents’ Day Out started back today after being closed for a couple of weeks.  Tater Tot and I were just about ready to leave when I heard him knocking lightly on the bathroom door and saying, “Daddy?”  Daddy was taking a shower and couldn’t hear anything over the water and, of course, the sound of himself singing.


I decided to help Tater Tot out, so I knocked louder and was about to holler, “Somebody wants to tell you goodbye,” when I heard this:


“Wait a minute.  I have soap in my eyes.”  I was about to tell Tater Daddy to rinse them out (duh) when Tater Tot knocked again.  Louder.  So Daddy yelled, “I said to wait a minute!”  And then he appeared at the door.


“Why are you out of the shower?  I was going to open the door and let Tater Tot tell you goodbye,” I said. 


And here’s what he said.


“Well, if I don’t lock the door, he comes in here and it takes forever for me to take a shower.”




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