There’s a Tater with a Bug in My Bed

I usually do most of my writing after Tater Tot has gone to bed, and I had planned to write several things this weekend.


For one thing, Sunday marked my parents’ 47th anniversary and the first one my mother spent without my father.  I worked on something on and off for the better part of last week and planned to finish it Saturday and have it ready for Sunday’s post.


I had also planned to work on the things that are half-finished and just sitting there.  I’d like to have a few things in the bank, as they say.  You know, for times like this weekend.




Tater Tot woke up from Saturday’s nap with flushed cheeks and a fever.  If you like details, it was 103.4.  A dose of children’s Tylenol and some apple juice seemed to help, and a little while later his fever was down a couple of degrees.  And then he patted that sweet little tummy and said, “Mama, it huts wite hee-uh.”  


Oh, goody.


I won’t go into all the details, because it’s just a little bug.  We’ve all had it.  If you have kiddie-poos, you’ve been through it with them.  And this one hasn’t been bad.  Fever and one incident at about 4:00 Sunday morning.  That’s it.  But the low-grade fever is hanging on, and even now, there’s a sweet little two-year-old with his arm linked in the crook of mine.


We’re in the guest bedroom, because I suppose I’m one of those Mamas.  I like to think that I’m not a Nervous Nellie, but you hear so many odd stories…. Maybe I’m just cautious.  Cautious Carla.  Or Paranoid Penelope.  Take your pick.


At any rate, until we squash that bug, the tater is snoozing right here next to me.


Here’s hoping the bug doesn’t bite the Mama.

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  1. calista
    Aug 26, 2008 @ 00:34:06

    You just take care of that little tot, and don’t mind what any body calls it. I call it LOVE. I do the same thing with my little ones, always have, and probably will until they’re married and gone. I tease them that I’ll come and spend the night with them when they are sick even then. There’s sumpin that just tickles me about the thought of my grown child wantin’ her mommy to be there when she gets sick….I’m wrong for that I know……


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