He Found a Dirt

Late Saturday afternoon, Tater Tot and I headed east for the whopping hour-long drive to Poopsie’s house. It’s been a while since we’ve spent the night with her, and every now and then it’s good to remind her what her life would be like EVERY DAY if we were to move back to town.  About nine seconds after we got there, Tater Tot told me, “Go home, Mama,” as he led Poopsie off on some adventure.  Poopsie looked at me and said, “Stay where you are!” Although I am now a Mama of a child, I am still a child of a Mama, and I did as my Mama told me. After their adventure and a couple of Oreos and milk, we took the little explorer to the walking park just down the street from Poopsie’s house.  It has a little waterway running through it with all sorts of ducks and geese, and we decided that it would be fun to take some crackers and let the Tater Tot feed them. The first thing he did upon seeing the ducks was take off running toward them yelling, “Hey, quacks!  Hello!  Hello, ducks!” which sent them waddling quickly for the water.  Evidently this is not the universal sign for I come in peace in the waterfowl world.  

Not to worry, though.  Poopsie was right behind us, breaking up crackers as fast as she could go, and soon the ducks decided that they may have misjudged the Tot’s intentions.  He and Poopsie began throwing crackers into the water, and a few of the ducks swam over to gobble up the treats.

On the next throw, however, the ducks never had a chance.  Something was getting the crackers before the ducks could, well, duck their little bills down.  These little bitty fish were grabbing the crackers and sucking them down like mad!  Then the fish started jumping out of the water.  What a hoot!

We decided to take a little stroll and go over one of the many bridges.  We dropped more crackers, and then the fish really put on a show.  Because the Big Bubbas got in on the action.

Which, of course, required a closer look.

We stayed at the park until the crackers were gone, the sun was nearly down, and Tater Tot had run himself silly.  Back at Poopsie’s house, he managed to eat a grilled cheese sandwich and a few little tomatoes.  I’m pretty sure a couple of cookies exchanged hands while I wasn’t around, but that’s fine with me.  I was probably off hiding with the handful of Snickers bite-size bars I’d snuck out of the kitchen with.  Hey, a girl’s gotta live.

After a good night’s sleep, we woke up this morning and headed to Poopsie’s garden.  Tater Tot was mainly concerned with seeing the tractors, because these days, it’s ALL about tractors.  However, he did find it in his heart to hang out in the garden for a few minutes.  He and Poopsie picked a few tomatoes and eggplant, but then he got really interested in the dirt.

He picked up a big clod of it and yelled, “Poopsie!  I found a dirt!”

While in the garden with his newfound dirt, he discovered that he could use the dirt to bury his feet.  Not only that, but he thought it was great fun to put dirt down the backside of his little britches.  He and Poopsie laughed and laughed while I tried to de-dirt him as best as I could.  

Before leaving to go see the tractors, we had to play a round of “What’s this?”  So here’s the future farmer learning what a pepper plant looks like, while Poopsie heads toward the eggplant.

After our farm adventure, we ate lunch and played some more at Poopsie’s house.  Then we all collapsed for a long afternoon nap.  I think Poopsie probably slept the hardest!  When Tater Tot woke up, we packed our things and loaded them in the car.  He loved on Poopsie and tried to convince her to get in the car with us.  She very lovingly declined.

Thinking back on the weekend so far, it’s been wonderful.  Our son got to hang out with his Poopsie.  He laughed and giggled until he was just beside himself.  He was hugged and kissed and told how much he is loved by someone he adores.  He sat on the tractors and ate tomatoes he picked straight from the vine, grown on the land that someday will be his.

And best of all, he found a dirt.


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