Technology Strikes Again

The last time I posted I was trying to burn the ridiculously boring slideshow onto CDs for any of our classmates who were willing to shell out $5 for it.  

As it turns out, there was a HUGE glitch in burning the slideshow. I’ve nagged all of my computer-guru friends AND I made a trip to the Apple Store, and I’m here to tell you that I managed to stump my new best friend forever, John, who was the poor soul who asked if I needed help.  Talk about a loaded question.

The big glitch was that when I inserted a disc and asked my Mac ever-so-politely to burn, well, it copied pretty much everything on my computer and burned it onto the disc.  I tried it “seven different ways to Sunday” and the same thing happened every time.  The good news is that my computer is backed up on about 9 discs.  The bad news is that I’m STILL not done with the slideshow.  We’ll have to mail it to the people who signed up for one.  The other good news is that my new BFF, John, took such pity on me that he offered to help me turn the slideshow into a jazzy, snazzy, and downright pizzazzy little movie later in the week.  Bless his heart.  He just has no idea what he’s gotten himself into.

For the purpose of having some sort of slideshow for Saturday night, the bare-bones edition worked fine.  We ran it from my computer on an enormous screen behind the DJ and it played over and over while people came in, and people seemed to get a kick out of the old pictures.

I’m just sick that I didn’t have the copies ready for people Saturday night, but these people knew me 20 years ago when using anything other than a touch-tone phone made me break out in a blotchy rash.


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