He May Be a Tiny Bit Confused

Last night I was putting Tater Tot to bed, and after we finished reading several books and saying our prayers, I turned off the light and started rocking him.  He’s gotten into the habit of trying to prolong going to bed by asking me to tell him a story.

“The bears, Mama?  Pweeze?”  or “Pigs!” or “The Ark, Mama?  The an-mals, pweeze!”

I opted for telling him about Noah’s Ark.  Quite frankly, if I had started telling about the three bears one more time yesterday, the story would’ve ended with old Goldy becoming a skilled bear-hunter and bagging three of ’em.

Anyhoo, I got to the part about the animals on the Ark and we were naming some of them.  Tater Tot offered up the ones you’d expect him to know….”el’phants, hippos, fwoggies, tuttles,” etc.

And then he offered up these celebrity Ark stowaways.

“Barneys, Big Buhds, Cwiffuhds.”

Hmmm…. We seem to have our Bible stories mixed up with our PBS stories.


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Upside Brown
    Sep 24, 2008 @ 12:50:05

    What about Hatchies and Dukes and Pearls and Zeuses??? Haven’t you taught him ANYTHING?!!


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