Hair Ye, Hair Ye

I may have mentioned a couple of times (or thirty) that Tater Tot is two.  He has a cousin who is about 3 months older, but he looks to be about, oh, fifteen or so.  Just kidding.  He doesn’t look a day over six. The little fellow’s dad, who is married to my first cousin, is about six-and-a-half feet tall, and it looks like he passed the height genes on to his son.  His mom apparently passed on her good hair genes.

My cousin and I share a family trait in that we have thick hair.  However, mine is naturally curly with a mind of its own, and hers is straight with a lot of body.  She totally won out when it comes to hair.  Hers always looks great, while mine….well, let’s just say that my collection of cutsie-girlie baseball caps is growing by the day.  (I can get mine to straighten out, but seriously, who has a full hour every day to spend beating hair into submission?  That’s enough time to take a really good nap….)

So here are a couple of pictures of Tater Tot and his cousin. Let’s call him Loaded Tater.  Because with is dad’s height, his mom’s hair, and both of their IQs (oh, they are two smart people, my friends — Vanderbilt and Notre Dame — HELLO….), this little fellow is loaded with all the right stuff.  These were taken last Christmas.  Please notice the hair.

Tater Tot (left) and Loaded Tater.  Aren’t they cute?  And don’t you think Loaded Tater has great hair? Here’s another view.

What a sweet little boy.  I wish we lived closer so he and Tater Tot could compare hair see each other more often.

Loaded Tater has had several haircuts in his short 29 months on earth.  Tater Tot, on the other hand, just had his first REAL haircut last week.  Until then I had trimmed along the edges just to keep things kind of tidy.  But in two years, the child has never really needed a haircut.  Bless his heart.  He just has thin hair.  (But it does have just enough curl to it that when he gets hot and sweaty, it gets curly and so, so cute.  Ummm….Gawr, gawr…lub dat sweet cuteness….gawr, gawr..!)

Oh, enough of that. (It’s just that the little stinker is sitting next to me and just gave me a big hug for no apparent reason.)

So here is our newly-trimmed-and-tidied Tater Tot and the first hair-cutting experience.

He was very good the whole time.  Here he is being soooo still.  

His “stylist” was Miss Beth, and she must have made an impression on him.  When we were visiting my mother last weekend, she made a big fuss over Tater Tot’s haircut and he said, “Miss Bef!”  

Here he is, all newly-shorn, picking out a sucker.  (You know, if I got to pick out a sucker after getting my hair cut, I’d probably tip more.  Just sayin’.)

We managed to get out of the shop, which is totally geared toward children and thus offers movies to watch during the cutting AND has a little Buy me something because I’ve been so good area, for about $15.  And that included a picture, the sucker, and some of his hair in a little keepsake bag.

I can’t get out of my salon for under $60.  Now that’s hairway robbery, folks.  

(Sorry.  I couldn’t think of an ending, so I totally flaked out.  It happens, even though I try to keep it under control.)


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Lora Lynn
    Oct 07, 2008 @ 14:21:12

    Oh, I love me a good pun. Nice ending.


  2. thefarmerfiles
    Oct 07, 2008 @ 14:29:18

    I have two boys that refuse to sit still with my husband and I choke holding, and they each grow an inch a month. Ohhh they are costing me some fat cash at Pigtails and Crewcuts. FYI you may want to rename your pics before posting because when we hold the mouse over the pics we see their real names.


  3. Melanie
    Oct 07, 2008 @ 19:45:15

    Very cute pics. That’s wonderful that he sat thru it so well. When my son was that age, he HATED haircuts and would scream and wriggle like he was being tortured. Then he got a little older and giggled so much that the hairdresser had a hard time safely cutting his hair. He still giggles a little bit but he’s much better.


  4. Mrs Lemon
    Oct 11, 2008 @ 20:31:24

    I am late to the party because my feed reader has been playing hide & seek with me. But yes, Loaded Tater has some great boy hair. Tater Tot is DARLING!


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