It’s a Love/Hate Relationship

The lot our house sits on is nearly two-thirds of an acre, and the front part is nice and shady.  We liked that part when we bought the house a little over eight years ago.  In August.  When it was 147 degrees in the shade and all of the leaves were on the trees.

Lo and behold, a few months later, the sky began to fall. Oh, wait.  It was just leaves from the sycamore tree.

OHHHH, that sycamore tree!

We love it in the summer because it shades half our house.  And it is pretty, with its big old green leaves spread out like giant fans.

But we hate it in the fall because of THIS:



Poor Tater Daddy.  Two days after he gets the leaves blown off the driveway, mulched up and bagged, the scene is the same.  

It’s kind of like anything else, though.  If you ever get caught up on laundry, everyone in the house gets ready for bed, and there’s a whole new batch of dirty clothes.  As soon as you get the house completely vacuumed, someone will inevitably walk through mud and sand, then wander around in every room until he’s found you to tell you that the house sure looks nice.  And we all know that as soon as you wash your car, it’s going to become a target for every bird within 25 miles.

Eventually those leaves will stop falling, and because we live in the south, about 12 days later it will be spring.  Then we’ll love our sycamore tree again.

Right now, though…not so much.


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  1. kim sue
    Dec 05, 2008 @ 11:03:46

    I also love our treed lot except not so much in the fall. “about 12 days it will be spring” is priceless. Which means we should probably start to clean up some leaves because fall leaves on your yard look beautiful in the fall but not so much in the spring :o)


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