Instead of Listening to Me Cough, Read Something GOOD!

My sinuses have staged an attack, and I’m not going to lie to you.  It’s not pretty.  This time, the army has bypassed my nose (for which I’m kind of thankful) and is marching straight down my throat, going straight for my chest where it wants to set up camp for a full-blown war.  The cough?  Oh, it is irritating, and it makes for quite an annoying headache.

Rather than entertain you with more details, you’re welcome, my friend at Around the World and Two Kids, has written a beautifully poignant post about yesterday’s observance of World AIDS Day.  It’s definitely worth reading.  (Plus, you’ll get to see the most adorable picture of his daughter, Ella.  Oh, my. She is blossoming with her Mama and Daddy!)

I’m off to take a swig of whatever cough medicine I can find and crawl back under the covers for a while. Take THAT, you sinus army!


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