There’s a Pox On Our House

It appears that there’s a pox on the House o’ Tater.  

I went to the doctor Monday and begged for (A) really strong drugs to kick this sinus infection to the curb OR (B) a strong dose of hemlock to put me out of my misery.  I’m sure you’re all none to happy about hearing about it for the 329th time, either, so I’ll stop whining about it.

At about 3:00 Tuesday morning, Tater Tot started moaning/crying, and when I went into his room, he was standing up in his crib, holding his ear, saying, “Mama, it hurts.  Kiss it, Mama.  Make it better.”  And then the kicker, “Pweeeeeeeeze!”

If you’re a parent, you know that awful feeling that washes over you when you know you can’t make it better right away.  No amount of kissing that sweet little ear was going to help him.  So I did the only thing I knew to do.  I picked him up and we went and got in the spare bed.  Somewhere around 4:3o it occurred to me that I had a bottle of Children’s Motrin in the medicine cabinet.  I tried earlier to get some Tylenol with Codeine in him, but he recognizes the bottle and knows that the taste of that stuff is worse than the pain of an ear infection, and he closed his mouth so that I’m pretty sure it was airtight.  Anwyay, it took my husband and me both to get a dose of Motrin down him, and even then his sleep was sporadic.

We went to his doctor yesterday afternoon and there it was.  A big, honkin’ ear infection.  Poor Tater Tot got a shot and big dose of Tylenol.  He also charmed the nurses and came away with a sucker and three Curious George stickers.  We spent the rest of the afternoon and evening snuggled up together on the couch  Basically I was being held hostage by a sick two-year-old who knows that if he says, “Don’t get up!” in his most pitiful I’m sick so please don’t leave me voice, I’ll sit there until I have to ask my husband to make a trip to Walgreen’s for a package of Depends so I don’t have to leave our child and scar him for life just because Mama has to go to the bathroom.

It’s now Wednesday morning, and I’m happy to report that Tater Tot is feeling much better.  I think I’m on the mend, too, but I don’t want to jinx it.

I’d love to say that I’ll be back in a while with a post about 2008 in review or a list of things I’d like to accomplish in 2009.  But those things would require way too much thought.

About all I’m capable of thinking of right now is easing into 2009 as quietly as possible.  That and easing the pox right out of our house.

I hope your New Year’s Eve is a safe and happy one.  I’ll see you next year, friends!


6 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Tatersmama
    Dec 31, 2008 @ 14:14:38

    Oh hun, believe me…I know what you’re going through and my heart goes out to you!
    I hope Tater is on the mend this morning and that you’re feeling much better yourself… Sinus infections are miserable things!

    I’m wishing you a safe, happy and HEALTHY 2009 !


  2. Meg @ Spicy Magnolia
    Dec 31, 2008 @ 15:14:22

    I’m glad to hear you two are on the mend. I love picturing the two of you all snuggled up together on the couch. Definitely, that is worth the box of depends for a day! Happy New Year!


  3. Calista
    Jan 01, 2009 @ 01:16:59

    Hey there. It’s bad to have a sick little one. Have they given you the ear drops that take the pain away…almost instantly it seems? It is Anitpyrine and Benzocaine. You put in a couple of drops every few hours, and it makes a world of difference.


  4. Heather
    Jan 01, 2009 @ 13:05:53

    Happy New Year! Praying for a speedy recovery for you both and that the whole Tater family would be protected from further sickness, for a few months at least!


  5. Lora Lynn
    Jan 01, 2009 @ 14:54:36

    Next time he wakes up in the middle of the night with an earache, there is something you can do. Buy some essential oil of lavender and keep it on hand. When someone has an ear issue, put a few drops of lavender into some olive oil. Just enough to make the olive oil smell like lavender. You can even warm the oil, to make it more soothing. Put a few drops in the ear. The oil soothes the pain and the lavender is a natural antiseptic, so it starts working on the infection right away. I avoid most rounds of antibiotics for ear infections by using the stuff. It’s effective and feels good, too. Hope everyone is healthy soon!


  6. Kim H.
    Jan 02, 2009 @ 09:26:05

    You poor thing… I can’t imagine the feeling of helplessness that comes with a sick kiddo… but at least you know that it comforts him to be near his mama when he feels bad. I’d bet that memories like that will be with him for a lifetime… there isn’t much more comforting than remembering how well you were taken care of as a little kid. 🙂

    Lets hope though that when he’s 25 – he won’t still be able to keep you hostage on the couch! 🙂


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