What Would YOU Title This Post?

I’m just curious.  If you were posting this picture, what would your title be?


(And yes, we are funneling money into a “Tater Tot’s Therapy” account every month to help offset the cost of the hours of counseling he’ll need to recover from all the embarrassing pictures his mama posted on her blog.)

I can’t wait to hear your ideas!  The last time I posted a picture and asked for a caption, the suggestions cracked me up.  So please don’t disappoint me on this one!

Happy weekend, everybody!


12 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Melanie
    Jan 10, 2009 @ 01:16:51

    When blowing your nose just doesn’t cut it.

    That one has me laughing out loud! Good one!


  2. kim sue
    Jan 10, 2009 @ 09:52:36

    “shhhhhh…..if I stay really still she can’t see me”

    Heehee! I think he really believes that!


  3. Heather
    Jan 10, 2009 @ 09:54:46

    Redneck aspirator 😉

    Cant! Stop! Laughing! Love it!


  4. Mrs Lemon
    Jan 10, 2009 @ 10:33:38

    I think it’s made of cement.

    Mrs. Lemon, you have a great wit!


  5. Calista
    Jan 10, 2009 @ 10:36:53

    Drillin’ for GOLD!!

    I wish he’d find it!


  6. thefarmerfiles
    Jan 10, 2009 @ 11:49:54

    Snot suckin’!

    That’s a good one!


  7. JLI
    Jan 10, 2009 @ 13:20:12

    Headline: “Little Tykes expanding their product line to now include netti pots for children.”

    BA-HAHAHAHAHAHA! Netti pots! My sides hurt!


  8. missy @ it's almost naptime
    Jan 10, 2009 @ 20:09:55

    Ah, I was gonna say Drilling for Gold, but someone beat me to it!

    My husband always says “Pick a winner.”


  9. Jenna
    Jan 10, 2009 @ 20:53:13

    Drilling… for oil?


  10. Kim H.
    Jan 11, 2009 @ 10:03:52

    Holding it all in?


  11. Tatersmama
    Jan 12, 2009 @ 05:34:57

    He takes after his daddy’s side of the family – not mine !


  12. Jamie
    Jan 14, 2009 @ 23:51:11

    “Drill, baby, drill!” — depending, of course, on your political views. 😉

    How about: “No, Mom, not the booger bulb! Look, here, I’ll get it out myself.” (Booger bulb being the technical term for those nasal syringe thingies that suck the snot out. OK, never mind. Language skills: FAIL.)

    Hilarious photo though. It has great future blackmail potential. And I should know, ’cause boy oh boy am I ever amassing a file of THOSE for/on my kids. Heh heh heh. <– maniacal laughter


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