Little Things

After spending most of Saturday and Sunday in the bed and praying (a) to wake up and be miraculously relieved of the sinus woes, (b) for antibiotics that will actually knock this thing out, or (c) death, I managed to haul myself out of bed today.  By the way, I’m pretty sure that choice A isn’t going to happen, and I really hope choice C doesn’t happen because, well, I’m feeling a little better and I’d hate to ruin it by, you know, dying and all.

We were running drastically low on staples like diet cokes and Pop-Tarts, so a trip to the grocery was a must.  It took a while, but I washed my hair and put on my best pair of sweats.  (Wouldn’t want to go to the store all tackied up in my favorite, paint-stained pair and embarrass the family….)  Then I wrangled Tater Tot into some jeans and a shirt and after about four rounds of wrestling, TA-DA, shoes appeared on his feet.

I’ve mentioned about a hundred times in the last four posts that, as of today, he’s two-and-a-half years old.  And one of his favorite phrases is, “I DON’T WANT IT!” which he yells whenever he’s not pleased.  Since he’s, you know, the age that he is, I hear that little phrase in my sleep.  That’s okay, though, because his other favorite phrase is, “Mama, I wuv you disssssssssss much!” so I’ll take it.

At any rate, we did our shopping and as I was putting the bags into the car we heard a train whistle.  Our boy is ALL ABOUT THE TRAINS and started saying, “I hear it, Mama!  Let’s find it!”  That wasn’t a hard task, seeing that the railroad tracks are just behind the grocery store we frequent.

This particular train was slow-moving, though, and I couldn’t see it until I got to a crossing and I happened to see it’s light way down the tracks.  Tater Tot was still asking where the train was and if we could go find it.

What the heck? I thought.  I pulled into the parking lot beside the tracks, parked, and rolled down the window enough for him to hear the sounds of the train.

When it finally rolled in front of us, that little boy was ecstatic.  He clapped and waved and told the train hello.  He asked, “Do you hear it, Mama? Do you see it?  Where is it going, Mama?”  His face was full of joy…complete and utter joy that comes from experiencing something unexpected yet hoped for.

When the end of the train was out of sight and he was finished telling it goodbye, I put the car in drive and started easing out of the lot.

“Mama, thank you, thank you, Mama,” is what I heard almost all the way home.  As I drove the short distance, I thought about those few minutes we spent watching that roaring train go by.  The chances of him remembering them and the sheer delight he felt are slim.  I think he’ll always remember that he loved trains, but will he remember the cold afternoon when he and his mama went looking for a train?  I doubt it.

As for me?  I hope I remember it for as long as I live, because it reminds me that it’s the little things we do with each other that often make us the happiest.


7 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Tatersmama
    Jan 27, 2009 @ 05:04:46

    Oh darlin’…how sweet! I bet his little face just lit up with joy! What precious memories !!!

    It’s amazing, the little things I remember, that my son has absolutely no recollection of, but he’s slowly starting to remember “my” versions of precious things that happened.

    I heard him say to HIS son, ” Grummie’s just love handfuls of pretty weeds, so let’s pick some for your Grummie… and we’ll make her smile.” and I thought my heart would burst right out of my chest.


  2. JLI
    Jan 27, 2009 @ 09:36:37

    Awww….what a great reminder that we need to carve out time in our busy schedules to do stuff like that. Too often we get caught up in our routines and all that needs to be done and we stop taking time to care for those around us and ourselves by taking the time to stop and take in all the small joys of this world! Good for you and I’m glad Tater Tot enjoyed…he may not remember this particular experience, but it sounds like he’ll have lots of great stories to tell about how loved he is and how truly wonderful his parents are!!


  3. Kim H.
    Jan 27, 2009 @ 11:16:48

    That’s very sweet! I hope that you feel better soon – I know what sinus infections are like, and they stink! At least you had a good time looking for the train with the Tater Tot. 🙂 What a cutie! My best friend has a 2 year old, and I know that moments like that make the terrible two days even better.


  4. thefarmerfiles
    Jan 27, 2009 @ 18:48:51

    But yet at such a young age how much they really, really can be appreciative of the experiences. And LOL maybe he thought you had that train show up, just for him!


  5. Jenna
    Jan 27, 2009 @ 18:54:12

    What a great reminder.


  6. pcb
    Jan 27, 2009 @ 20:55:59

    Glad you’re on the mend.

    Sweet memory…it will be one you can tell him about as he gets older and maybe it will be one of those things he just about remembers.


  7. Calista
    Jan 28, 2009 @ 00:47:37

    How sweet. My girls are that way too, with airplanes. Yes, I said girls. I can’t tell you how many times we have sat by the airport and watched planes fly over, and over, and over our heads. We even drove down there one night and watched them take off over us so they could see all the lights, and the runways all lit up. I think in the end they only remember a few of their toys, but it’s the memories like these, and playing together that they remember for a lifetime. And here again, I have written a book in your comments section. UGH!


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