Advice Needed

I have all kinds of dilemmas these days, none of which I have been able to sort out myself.  Therefore, I am seeking advice from whomever might stumble across the blog.  Because y’all are way brighter than this “bear of little brain,” as my dear Pooh would say.

Dilemma #1

I STILL have the non-curling right set of eyelashes.  Is it my eyelash curler?  How long should I hold said lashes in the curler?  Shall I try to give my eyelashes a perm?  Or should I resign myself to wearing a patch?

Dilemma #2

More pressing than my wacko eyelashes is this item.  At what age do you move your toddler from his crib to a “big-boy” bed?  ‘Cause I’ve gotten myself into somewhat of a pickle.  While Tater Daddy snores away in our bedroom, the Tot and I are sleeping in the guest room.  Ever since the last ear infection and all the crying and hearing, “Mama, make it better!” he’s been my little snuggle bug.  And as much as I LURVE snuggling with that sweet little fella, sleeping in the same bed with a toddler is not the way to get a peaceful night’s rest.

The times I’ve started him off in his crib haven’t gone well.  That’s my fault and I take full responsibility for it.  But even if he goes to sleep in his crib, he wakes up several times a night.  With as much wiggling around as he does, I wonder if he’s running out of room in his little jail cell crib.

What do y’all think?  Should we go ahead and put a real bed in his room?  Or should I bite the bullet and just make him cry it out until he’s back to sleeping all night in his crib, all the time apologizing for not being strict enough to have done this, oh, a month ago?

(Seriously, sometimes the very idea that I’m responsible for another human being is almost ridiculous.  No matter what I do, I’m pretty sure it’s wrong.  Anybody out there know what I mean?)

Dilemma #3

We renovated our kitchen about five years ago, and we opted to put in stainless steel appliances.  I will NEVER do that again.  I had no idea how hard they are to keep clean.  With four dogs and a toddler, it’s nearly impossible.  And let’s not forget how much I hate to clean.  Bleh.

If any of you have SS appliances, what do you use to clean them?  I’ve used a couple of products out there, including those wipes that are made just for that task, but I can’t really say that I’m crazy about any of them.

Besides hiring a maid or replacing the appliances —  neither of which is going to happen, and believe me, I’ve brought both ideas up numerous times — do you have any suggestions?

Until next time, Happy Tuesday from your sleep-deprived, droopy-eyelashed bloggy friend with spotty appliances!


10 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. kim sue
    Feb 17, 2009 @ 12:56:18

    D#1 – don’t have to curl mine so I don’t have any advice for you…each time I see my sister curling hers I say a silent prayer that I don’t have to because at this point I would have blinded myself with that contraption.

    D#2 – my child at 18 months was determined to GET OUT of the jail cell and given her small size she did not do it gracefully so I was forced to put her first on a mattress on the floor and then a bed before she broke her neck. The issue is there is no more containment once they are in a bed and out of the jail cell…I was constantly worried she was wondering about in the house. I have heard friends tell other friends to leave them in the crib as long as possible because keeping them in a bed to go to sleep or stay asleep is MUCH more difficult when there are no bars to do it! I also had a friend who set her crib back up because they had so many issues. Hmmmm, actually I don’t really have any advice for you there either.

    D#3 no SS appliances for the very reason you are talking about so once again no advice.

    I am SO glad I was able to problem solve with you today!

    I always love your comments, Kim Sue, so you helped just by leaving a note! I’m thinking that we might try a regular bed for the little one and maybe we’ll keep the crib up…just in case! 🙂 The pictures on your blog have been great lately!!


  2. Jenna
    Feb 17, 2009 @ 13:15:10

    I have no advice for any of them… I don’t curl my lashes (hmmh… maybe I should?). I do not yet have children (so I’ll be asking for the advice in a couple of years). And I don’t have stainless steel appliances (but seriously, unless you know someone who you want to impress is coming over I wouldn’t worry about it… it’s my slacker version of cleaning)!


  3. Tatersmama
    Feb 17, 2009 @ 13:34:59

    As for the eyelashes, I don’t have a clue. I haven’t worn makeup in 30 years.

    With the SS – I have no idea either. I’m thinking of painting everything brown here, just to hide the dirt.

    I’ll send ya an email about the crib/bed situation if you want, because frankly, that’s what I DO for a living!
    I’m such a doofus! Why didn’t I think of emailing you and asking?! I’ll check my email right now! Thanks, Tater’s Mama!


  4. JLI
    Feb 17, 2009 @ 13:37:55

    I might have an answer for Dilemma #1, but it requires a lot of caution. Turn your blow dryer on to the warm setting (not HOT) and hold it about 10″ inches away from the curler for about 10-15 seconds, then apply the curler to your eyelashes. It’s almost like a mini curling iron. If you have the metal curler, be really careful otherwise you’ll burn your eyelids. Trusted advice from someone who’s done it (not naming any names, ahem). But once I got the hang of how long to heat my curler and how far to hold it away from the blow dryer, it actually works really well. 🙂
    Aren’t you smart?! I will try it. And I’ll make sure I have plenty of aloe vera on hand…just in case! Thanks!


  5. Kerstin
    Feb 17, 2009 @ 14:50:11

    Ditto on the comment from JLI. Heating the eyelash curler is definitely the trick. I haven’t hit the bed/crib dilemma yet but we do have a twin bed ready and waiting for her. I’m not anxious to start bc I have also heard that nap time is more difficult or it stops all together. I’ll be calling for adivce in a few months! And we have a SS fridge but we bought the frosted type (best way I can think to describe it) so little handprints only show up when they are dirty (as in melted chocolate, cookie dough kind of dirty) and are cleaned easily. And amen to Jenna’s comment- the only time my house is clean is when I know someone is coming over! Good luck! 🙂


  6. pcb
    Feb 17, 2009 @ 20:43:28

    I think I’d opt for the tough love technique on the bed issue. Two is not too old for a crib.

    About the stainless…one of my friends uses Pledge to wipe hers down.


  7. happy geek
    Feb 17, 2009 @ 23:19:05

    De-lurking to say that when I moved both boys all the troubles I had anticipated did not happen at all. They actually slept better and were deighted to go to their big boy beds. I moved #1 at 18 months and #2 at 2 years.
    I did not give them a full big boys bed, for the beginning all they got was their mattress on the floor. This way I did not have to bother with guard rails and the like. It isn’t pretty, but once they got the hang of it, then we brought in the box spring.
    Every kid is so different, but it went rather smoothly for us.

    Stainless steel appliances would make me want to chuck myself out a window. I do like the Method SS cleaner on my sinks, I have no idea how it would fare on your fridge.


  8. Kelley
    Feb 18, 2009 @ 09:28:31

    So…I can’t help you with any of these!

    I’d like to say that by watching Super Nanny I have answers, but really, I don’t.

    But I do want to wish you good luck! : )


  9. Jamie
    Feb 18, 2009 @ 23:49:24

    Hmm, I can’t help you with #1 or #3, but my daughter is 2 (28 months if you want to get specific), and we recently moved her into her big girl bed. We still have the crib up (just in case), but she’s been sleeping in her bed — night time and naps — for a few weeks now, and is pretty happy about it.

    Just get one of those side rail things and you’ll be all set. Besides, a bed mattress is loads more comfortable than those hard little crib mattresses.


  10. Kim H.
    Feb 23, 2009 @ 12:46:07

    I’m a little late to this one – but it sounds like you’ve gotten some good suggestions. I’d have to say that even without kids and only having two dogs… my stainess appliances are my biggest regret with my house! I should have gotten the black ones!


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