Rambling Before 7 a.m.

Oh.  Hey, blog.  I almost didn’t recognize you.  It’s not even 7 a.m., and I’m on my second cup of coffee.  I’ve been around this block before, but that was before I knew what a blog was.  In those days, the computer would find me working online crossword and sodoku puzzles.

The last time I was awake, drinking coffee IN HOT WEATHER, and watching the world go by before 7 o’clock was nearly three years ago when Tater Tot was a newborn.  It’s not like I’ve never gotten up early.  Quite the contrary.  Before Tater Tot was born, I actually had a paying job.  I taught first grade, and I had a 35-minute commute.  Since I have a slight need to be on time, driven by a unnatural fear of being late, I was up by 6:00 and always out the door no later than 7:20.  I didn’t have to be at school until 8:40, but What if I encountered a traffic problem and had to detour?  What if I had a flat tire and had to call for help?  What if I finished my diet coke before I got to school and had to stop for another one?  You have to allow for such unexpected things to pop up.  Plus, I always liked getting to my classroom early.  It gave me time to make sure I had everything ready, get the morning work out for the kiddos, drink one more diet coke before everyone arrived…

I won’t go so far as to say that I was a morning person, but once I was up, I was UP.

Then Tater Tot came, and I still woke up at 6 o’clock.  Of course, I didn’t just wake up at 6 a.m.  I’d also been up at 2 a.m. and somewhere in between for a diaper change.  It didn’t take long for me to take everyone’s advice.  When Tater Tot napped, I napped.

It’s also the first time I even thought about drinking coffee in the summer.  I love coffee, but normally I can’t drink it in hot weather.   (It’s funny how drinking a cold diet coke in cold weather doesn’t affect me in the least, isn’t it?)  At one point I was going through so much coffee that Tater Daddy bought a bag of coffee beans at Costco for me.  I doubt we were the only new parents who bought diapers, wipes, and coffee in bulk.

We may have to start doing that again because I just poured cup number three.  And I don’t drink out of cups made for sissies, either.

coffee mug

Can you imagine the glass I use when I drink my diet coke?

That reminds me.  I haven’t had a diet coke yet.

Blog, I love you.  But Tater Tot AND Small Fry are asleep, the coffee pot is nearly drained, and I have just enough time to down an ice cream bucket of diet coke.

Enjoy your Friday.


7 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. thefarmerfiles
    May 29, 2009 @ 11:39:15

    LOL sitting here with my Diet Coke reading your ramblings!


  2. Mrs Lemon
    May 29, 2009 @ 11:50:13

    I could use a largish soda right about now too – cheers to new baby naps 🙂


  3. Kim H.
    May 29, 2009 @ 11:58:06

    Man – if I could make it to Sonic right now – I’d get myself a bucket to drink 🙂


  4. Jennifer
    May 29, 2009 @ 16:47:43

    Welcome back, stranger!!! You seem to handling the 2 babes wonderfully!!! I love your cup! I heard a rumor about you and next year that my son Graham just asked me about as he saw your pic. Do you remember him? Brown, curly hair, totally LOVED you and I didn’t even know he knew you!!! He’s praying it’s so. He’ll be in 5th grade. One of his friends actually told him. Hmmmm….you know I work there now, too? All my kids are there, so why not??? 🙂 I’m in the cafeteria. I know. And alive to talk about it. And smile. I’m glad you’re back!
    From your blog I could tell that you were working, and I wondered if you were up at the school. And, of course I remember Graham! LOVE HIM! You know he was one of my favorites! I always loved to see him coming through the door every Monday. How in the world has so much time gone by? Please give him a big hug for me!


  5. tatersmama
    May 29, 2009 @ 17:46:12

    Ahhh… I remember those days! I was a morning person and I still am… out of habit! (5am)
    When my kids were babies and then growing up, those 2 hours in the morning were the only *me time* that I ever got.
    Lord help anyone who came between me and my coffee!


  6. Meg @ Spicy Magnolia
    May 29, 2009 @ 18:55:25

    🙂 Maybe we’ll catch each other in the blog world at the same early morning hours sometime. While I’m not a coffee drinker, I have become addicted to Sonic’s diet cherry limeades. Man, I’ve heard mommies talk about Sonic drinks, never understanding what made them succIumb to the addiction. And well, now I know! I love them! And I get LARGES! 🙂 Hope you all have a great weekend! I can’t wait to see more pictures. hint hint


  7. Christi
    May 30, 2009 @ 14:17:54

    I normally lurk but I just thought I would pop out for a bit to comment.

    I remember those days of waking up at some frightfully early time, going through gallons of coffee.

    I love that coffee cup! That is one of the cutest cups I have seen. Where did you get it? My sister has a dairy and I am thinking that these would be a cute gift for her.


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