A Picture is Worth…

Our little house has an L-shaped hallway, and part of it is covered in reprints of old black and white photographs of different family members.  My husband spent the better part of his spare time one winter several years ago scanning the contents of photo albums from both sides of our family and burning them onto discs for safe keeping.  Then, because he’s the kind of person who needs to have a project or nine going at all times, he printed several, framed them, and hung them.

I never thought I’d blog about our hallway, but there’s a first for everything.  For one thing, it happens to be what I can see from where I’m sitting right now.  For another thing, it’s kind of dull around here.  Well, as dull as it can be with a toddler, a newborn, and four dogs who are trying to stay cool when the heat index is around 108 degrees.

Anyway.  Here’s the longest part of the wall that is covered in pictures.

long wall

The smoke alarm adds a little something special, don’t you think?

Here are a couple of the shorter walls.

short wall

short wall2

And now, I’ll show you some close-ups of a few of my favorite pictures.

Here are my parents on their wedding day, August 24, 1961.


This is my grandmother (my mother’s mother) and her bridesmaids on her wedding day, March 14, 1935.  When Grandmama was alive, she kept her wedding dress folded up in a satin case along with the slip that she wore under it.  I loved it when she would get it out and let me look at it.  It was made of pure lace, and it was beautiful.

P wedding

This is one of my favorite pictures of my mother.


And this is my favorite one of my father.  He was 30 when I was born and started going gray shortly thereafter.  (The irony isn’t lost on me.)  The picture hung in my grandmother’s house, and I used to walk by it and ask if Daddy really had black hair or if he used to dye it.


The last one is a picture of my father’s father.  It’s one of the few pictures I have of him.  He passed away when I was around five years old, but I have some great memories of him.


Have a wonderful Wednesday, friends.


7 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Meg @ Spicy Magnolia
    Jun 24, 2009 @ 19:08:32

    I LOVE this! Thank you so much for sharing these priceless pictures that will one day grace the homes of your boys! That is one of my summer projects is to start putting pictures like that on our stairwell, but I don’t have a whole lot of classic b&w. I think this is just wonderful!


  2. Kelley
    Jun 24, 2009 @ 20:03:25

    We too have a photo wall, but I so, so, so love this idea of the old photos!! We have so many of these and this would be a great way to display them rather than shoved in an old box somewhere.

    Hope all is well in the Tator household–I feel like a blog visitor slacker!


  3. pendy
    Jun 24, 2009 @ 20:45:19

    What a great collection. I have lots of old b/w photos in my home, too, and I love being able to ‘visit’ with those family members each day.


  4. kim sue
    Jun 24, 2009 @ 21:36:53

    Love it! Love it! Love it! it’s wonderful. I’m so glad you shared it.


  5. Iva
    Jun 24, 2009 @ 22:02:48

    Great collection. I love black and whites, and wish I had more of them.


  6. Kerstin
    Jun 25, 2009 @ 18:58:57

    What a great idea! I’ve been looking for inspiration for my hallway and I think I just found it! Thanks for sharing!!!


  7. thefarmerfiles
    Jul 02, 2009 @ 14:27:34

    Welll…..awesome that your hubs did this! My fave was your grandma’s wedding and the story about peeking at her wedding dress!


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