The Broccolisaurus

Don’t worry.  He’s a very friendly Broccolisaurus.


Messy, but friendly.

Have a lovely Wednesday.


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. JLI
    Sep 30, 2009 @ 12:41:46

    Oh my gosh, what a cute — outfit? Costume?

    Just darlin’!
    You are kind, as always. Tater Tot tried his best to convince me it was an outfit and let him wear it to school today. You can imagine his disappointment…


  2. Mrs Lemon
    Sep 30, 2009 @ 14:38:35

    That is stinking adorable! Do you have a green shirt to go under it?
    Not yet, but I hope to find one before Halloween. His Daddy bought this for him yesterday on a marathon trip to Target after a particularly rough trip to the doctor’s office. (Are all Daddies such pushovers, or is it just Tater Daddy?)


  3. Jenna
    Sep 30, 2009 @ 18:10:58

    That is adorable! I am going to allow my little man to wear costumes all the time if he wants… who wants to wait for Halloween?
    Good for you! That’s what childhood is for, isn’t it?!


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