Thankful, Indeed

This is a post about Thanksgiving, and it’s really late, but these days, as Erma Bombeck said, I’m so far behind I think I’m first.

Thanksgiving weekend this year was probably one of the best I can remember in quite some time.

For us, it actually started Wednesday.  NO SCHOOL!  Can I get an Amen?  I had a long list of things to do that day.  It involved getting up at some ridiculous hour and cleaning the house from top to bottom, organizing cabinets and closets, and the like.  It was one of those lists I tend to make at 1 or 2 a.m.  Needless to say, I most certainly did not accomplish anything on that list.  Since Tater Daddy was home Wednesday, and because he is a kind and good man, he took care of the two Taters and let me sleep on and off as much as I pleased.  It was wonderful.

We ate Thanksgiving dinner at my mother’s house and supper with David’s family.  We waddled home sometime around 11:00 and staggered to bed like stuffed little ticks.

My brother came to Memphis Friday afternoon, and he and I took the boys to the zoo.  Small Fry slept through the entire trip, but Tater Tot loved every minute.  Jim pushed him in the stroller and held him up high so he could see the animals better.  When Jim comes to visit, he gives his full attention to Tater Tot, and nothing delights that little boy more.  Before we left the zoo, Jim bought him a stuffed Tiger, which Tater Tot named “Tiger Tiger,” and he has slept with that animal every night since then.  Until you’re a parent, you don’t understand how much it means to you when someone loves your child wholeheartedly and you see that your child knows he is loved.  It will bring you to your knees.

Sunday was a purely delightful.  We went home to the Methodist — the church where David and I were married, the church we both grew up in, the church our families grew up in, the church where Tater Tot was baptized three short years ago — for Small Fry’s baptism.  Small Fry seemed to enjoy the whole thing immensely.  My Uncle Joe, who performed the ceremony, walked Small Fry throughout the congregation as we sang, and the little fellow would’ve gone around one more time had we kept on singing.

Tater Tot made himself right at home at the front of the church.  Have I mentioned that he is three?  Have I also mentioned that he does not follow directions well?  Ahem.  He just believed he’d wander around a little bit while the baptism was going on.  You know…just a couple of inches out of my arm’s reach.  He sat on the communion rail.  I whispered some not-so-sweet things in his ear, but he’s a pretty smart toddler.  He knew he had us for the time being.  We were in the front of the church.  What were we going to do?  Ruin Small Fry’s baptism?  Well played, Tater Tot.

Once we sat down and the next hymn started, we were out of that sanctuary so fast you’d have thought there were a pot-luck lunch in the fellowship hall.

After church, Poopsie threw a luncheon to celebrate Small Fry’s baptism, and we all gathered at a bed and breakfast in town.  It was fabulous, and the owner, Gail, had the place decorated for Christmas.  (I started to take pictures of everything and post it on the Tour of Homes going on at the Nester’s site.  Wouldn’t that have been awful?  What’s even more awful is that I haven’t decorated a thing this year.  But that’s neither her nor there.)

Here are a couple of pictures.

This is my brother, Jim, with Small Fry.

I couldn’t get in for a haircut before the baptism, so I have serious wayward hair.  But no one was looking at me, I’m sure.

Here’s a picture of our family and friends who attended.  The couple standing right behind me are my Uncle Russell and Aunt Nancy.  Uncle Russell is my father’s brother, and I’m so happy that he came.  He and my aunt always make an effort to come to anything they can involving our boys, and it means the world to me.  We certainly missed Daddy that day and know that he would be proud of his two grandsons.  (Well, except for the part where Tater Tot wandered around the church.)

Here’s Poopsie with Small Fry.  We tried to find Tater Tot for some pictures, but he was busy playing and “just didn’t have time.”

I am surrounded by people I love and people who love me.




3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. JLI
    Dec 14, 2009 @ 16:58:56

    I always love it when you drop in on your blog every couple months! 😉

    A couple observations:

    1.) Your hair – it’s darling. Besides, you live in the Midwest. If anything, you can always blame it on a.) humidity or b.) wind. PS – your roots are lookin’ good Mama!

    2.) Is that a bow tie your hubs is wearing? Really? A Bow tie?!? How excellent is THAT? Seriously, give the man some fashion props. Not everyone can pull it off and not look all Poindexter, but he does so mahvelously.
    Thanks on the hair compliment. You are too kind, as always. I got a haircut a week later, and it’s behaving a little better. 🙂
    I agree with you that the hubs pulls off a bow tie pretty well. He has a nice little collection going and I lurve them on him. Thanks for the fashion props! I’ll pass ’em along!
    I hope all is well with you. You have an anniversary coming up pretty soon, don’t you! Wow! A whole year!


  2. meghan @ spicy magnolia
    Dec 14, 2009 @ 20:06:33

    Wow, it is SOOO good to hear from you and get some fun pictures to see! What a special Thanksgiving with your family, and you look beautiful! By the way, I love, love, love the bow tie, too! If I could get my hubby to wear one, I’d melt. 🙂 Truly, what a special time for you and your family and I’m so glad you got some good rest…well, at least on Wednesday. Again, it’s great to hear from you and Merry Christmas!!

    Oh, sweet Meghan! You are so kind! I miss blogland more than I thought I would when I went back to work. I’m pretty faithful about reading, but I’m terrible about leaving comments and even worse about posting! I hope to get better! I love reading about what y’all are up to, and I always love pictures of that cute Brennan! Merry Christmas to you! You should get your husband a bow tie for Christmas! 🙂 Haha!


  3. Kelley
    Dec 15, 2009 @ 21:46:09

    Oh, how I love your updates! I LOVE Baptism’s at church–my family or someone else’s–doesn’t matter who. Love them. I really feel that when you’re there, you can just feel the love surrounding that child and their family. It’s amazing.

    And your family photo? Beautiful!

    And while you may have needed a hair cut, I think you looked great!! : )


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