Pre-School Party Day

Tater Tot’s class Christmas party was last Wednesday, and my principal was nice enough to let me slip away from my homeroom for about 30 minutes to hang out and just be a mama for a little while.  One of the teachers on my grade level has a little girl in Tater Tot’s room, and we were giddy all morning long just thinking about going to their party.  Not only were we getting to spend time with our sweet babies, we were getting away from our big babies for half an hour.  I really don’t know which made us happier…

Anyway, we started out by being greeted in the hallway by our little ones, and let me tell you, nothing thrills my soul like hearing Tater Tot scream, “Mama!  You’re here!”  Of course, one day I’m sure I’ll hear those words with a totally different intonation, and he won’t be nearly as glad to see me.  Therefore, I think I’ll just savor the memories of the day our three-year-old took us by the hand and led us into his room, made a craft, showed us all of his most recent work, and shared his party treats with us.

Party on, folks.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Quirky
    Dec 24, 2009 @ 19:55:55

    Looks like a fabulous party!

    PS- I really like Tater Daddy’s glasses. Do you know where he got them?


  2. Diane
    Dec 25, 2009 @ 13:11:47

    What a beautiful family! I have wanted to write for days since I read about and saw the pictures from Small Fry’s baptism. You have never looked better, Tater Mama, at 20 or 30. Forty is certainly agreeing with you, whether you can read the writing on the bottom of the lipstick tube or not. You and all three of your boys are precious, and I hope this Christmas is the happiest one ever. Merry Christmas, my sweet friend!


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