The Year that Santa Brought the Tree

I have a confession to make.

We did not decorate for Christmas this year.  We tend to have an all-or-nothing attitude when it comes to holiday decorating, and time just got away from us.  Forget about putting up three trees;  we didn’t even bother with one.  And that garland?  I didn’t even mention it to Tater Daddy.

To tell you the truth, we’ve been so busy this fall and early winter that the only thing I’ve really missed is the tree.  (Notice I used the singular form of the noun, because one tree suits me just fine.)  Tater Tot has missed it, too, and he’s said something about it several times.  Guilt got the better of his Daddy, and several nights ago he happened to stop by Walgreen’s.  The store had their Christmas trees on sale and he got a little artificial one, pre-lit and everything, for about $30.

We keep all of our Christmas decorations in a house on my mother’s farm, so we don’t have any ornaments here at our house.  Tater Daddy bought one box of 24 gold ornaments, and each of the boys had one he’d made at school.  Tater Tot made a Santa Claus face, and Small Fry made a handprint with white paint (or something like it).

Still, every night this week has been busy, busy, busy, and the tree didn’t go up.  We didn’t even tell Tater Tot about it because we didn’t want to disappoint him in the event that we weren’t able to put the little tree up.

Last night, we came home after spending the day with my mother and brother, then eating supper with our cousins.  I put the boys to bed (but not before Tater Tot made one last wish for a tree), and by 10:30, Tater Daddy and I still had about three hours worth of, er…, “jolly old elf” work to do.  When the hubs finally finished putting everything together and got things cleaned up, he headed to bed for what he wished could be a long winter’s nap.

I stayed up a little longer to finish wrapping a few presents, and it just didn’t seem right to have Christmas presents without a tree.

So when Tater Tot wakes up in a few hours, he’s going to find that Santa did, in fact, see that he’d been a good boy this year.  He’ll stumble upon a few things that he asked for and a couple of surprises, too.

He may even notice the scrawny little Christmas tree that wasn’t there when he went to bed the night before.


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