It Went With the Wind

Christmas Day is such a blur that it reminds me of the Carol Burnette Show skit, “Went With the Wind.”  Thank goodness for You Tube.  Here’s the skit if you want to watch it.  There are two clips, and they’re worth the time if you need a good laugh.

Went With the Wind Part 1

Went With the Wind Part 2

Okay, so I tried to include the actual clips from You Tube in the post, and I’ve completely forgotten how to do it.  I’ll do some digging and study up on it.

Anyway.  We had a wonderful Christmas.  I suppose it’s hard not to have a good one when there is a 3 1/2-year-old involved.  This was the first year we got to experience a day full of, “Whoa!  Look!  I love it!”  It didn’t matter what “it” was.  He loved it all, from the sock monkey (that was actually in Small Fry’s stocking) to the new train table to the castle to the fire house to Spike the Dinosaur, as long as Spike didn’t get too close.

Small Fry seemed to enjoy his first Christmas immensely.  He played his little bongo drums and whacked everything within reach with his little musical mallet.  His Uncle Jim gave him a little plush bowling set, and he immediately went for the little Tiger bowling pin.  He did his best to stay awake for everything even though he was as sleepy as he’s ever been, and he never fussed.  We finally put him in his car seat around 8:00 just to see if he’d fall asleep, and — um — yes, please.  He was out within about two minutes.

From the time Tater Tot woke up to the time we carried him to bed late Christmas night, our day was full.  We had somewhere to be for lunch and supper, but we weren’t rushed at all during the day.  Still, looking back on it, Christmas Day was over and done with before we could turn around.

I wonder if it will always be this way now that we have children.  Do children have anything to do with the day passing so quickly, or is it simply that I’m getting older?  Does anyone else feel as though your day “went with the wind?”


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  1. Jennifer
    Dec 28, 2009 @ 10:42:58

    I think it has to do with the ages of your kids. Mine used to feel like that, but now that our youngest are {Jonah and Noah~the twins, my English isn’t that bad, I promise} 6, the day is nice and slow and sometimes relaxing.

    I’m glad y’all had a great Christmas, so did we! Next Monday is already too close for my comfort. I would love to just stay home with all 4 of them all the time. But then again, maybe not.

    Enjoy your babies today!!
    Thanks, Jennifer! I’m glad y’all had a great Christmas, too. And yes, next Monday is coming way too soon. Being home for two weeks is going to spoil all of us rotten. (It doesn’t help that I have two evaluations waiting for me when we get back — one scheduled and one that can occur at ANY time! Blah!) See you soon!


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