What I Did on My Christmas Vacation

Now that I’m teaching again, I savor my vacations as much as I ever did.  I’ve had to cram everything I did as a stay-at-home-mama into two weeks.  Let me see if I can make a list of all that cramming.

1.  We slept late.  Late used to be 9:00, but now it’s 7:30 or 8:00.  I’ll take it.  It beats the heck out of 5:30 or 6:00 any day of the week.

2.  I ate an insane amount of junk.  The only thing different about doing this on vacation as opposed to doing it while working is that I can snack at any time while on vacation without hearing, “Ooooh!  Mrs. Tater!  Gimme some, pleeeeze!”

3.  I played about 6,000 rounds of Bejeweled Blitz on Facebook.  It became somewhat of an addiction, and then it was just a love/hate thing.  I got to my high score somewhere around the 26th and couldn’t score higher to save my life.  Therefore, I had to keep playing just one more game.  It’s a sickness.

4.  I never figured out what the shapes on Bejeweled were worth or how the stupid game was best played.  I simply tried to get three of the same shapes in a row.

5.  I considered getting some help to kick the Bejeweled habit.  But then I remembered that our school’s server blocks Facebook, so once we get back to the old grind, it’s all over between Bejeweled and me.

6.  I drank untold amounts of diet coke and coffee.  But not together.  That would be caffeine overload, not to mention just plain gross.  Kind of like how Laverne mixed milk and Pepsi on Laverne & Shirley.

7.  I played with Tater Tot and Small Fry until we were all worn out.  Small Fry is thinking about crawling, by the way.  He’s not really, really close, but he gets kind of UPSET when he’s on the floor and a toy is out of reach.  You can tell that he’s thinking, “Okay, this rolling around to get somewhere is getting OLD.”

8.  Tater Tot and I took a nap or two together.  It may have been more like a dozen, but who’s counting?

9.  We took Small Fry to the doctor and found that he has RSV with a double ear infection.  We also learned that he will be fine and that he does not have pneumonia.  We were relieved.

10.  I cleaned the house.  Because, OH, MY WORD, IT NEEDED IT.  I do not want to end up on HGTV for having the messiest house in America.  I’m out of the running for this year’s winner/loser (What would one call the recipient of that title?) because I watched the show, Messiest House in America.

11.  Before starting to clean the house, I suggested to David that perhaps we should move instead.

12.  I tried to REALLY get serious about the potty training thing with Tater Tot.  He’s pretty good about the  “number one” part, but he is fighting us tooth-and-nail when it comes to the…er…sitting down-part.  Bribing with M&Ms doesn’t work.  Neither does bribing with a John Deere Buck that’s right there in the bathroom so he can see it and use it for motivation.  Your suggestions are VERY MUCH WELCOME!  His Mama is at the end of her rapidly fraying rope.

13.  David and I watched the British TV series, Robin Hood.  I cannot recommend it enough.  We’ve seen the first two seasons and are waiting until the 3rd season is available on DVD.  Oh, it is so well done!

14.  I read my favorite blogs (and there are a bunch of them) every day, which I enjoyed so much.  When I’m teaching, I usually get to them every few days if I’m lucky.  Reading them every day was a luxury.

15.  I watched tons of HGTV:  House Hunters, Sell This House, Designed to Sell, and Property Virgins.  I think this may have something to do with my suggestion in #11.

16.  I lived through about seven or 90 of Tater Tot’s temper tantrums. Those are  ALL  kinds of fun.  One of them happened in Walgreen’s at the front of the store.  I had already paid for my two items.  Finally, I had to carry Tater Tot out on one hip, Small Fry in his car seat on the other arm, plus my purse and plastic bag of formula and toothpaste.  When the nice clerk asked if I needed help, the next lady in line said, “She needs to control her kid and you need to do your job.”  (I’m choosing to believe that normally she’s a lovely person but she’d been shopping all morning and had stood in too many long lines.)

17.  I thought a lot about how very fortunate our family is.  Sometimes I was moved to tears.  Other times I simply smiled.  Each time I prayed a prayer of gratitude.

I hope your Christmas holidays were just what you had hoped for.  Mine have been slow-paced and not terribly exciting.  In a word, they’ve been perfect.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Lora Lynn
    Dec 31, 2009 @ 11:21:37

    I love to see you writing again.


  2. JLI
    Jan 02, 2010 @ 13:22:54

    So, ya kicked Path Words to the curb, eh?


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