Waiting for the Giveaway and a Drive-By

How about I try to explain that title in bullet point format?
  • Let me just start by telling you how excited I am about tomorrow’s giveaway!  I’m even more thrilled at the number of you who stopped by to leave a comment.  (Thanks, Sophie, for sending folks this way!)  I’ve found some great new blogs to add to my Google Reader, which means I’ll be staying up even later than usual from now on.
  • About the giveaway, later tonight I’ll  draw a winner, using the highly scientific method of putting all entries into a bowl and having Tater Tot pull one out.  (Remember, I’m new to this giveaway thing.  I had no idea the response would be so great, or I’d have checked into some really neat computer-generated picking method.)
  • Let’s set today’s entry deadline at 5:00 CST.

In other ramblings about the week ahead:

  • I’m supposed to have my final evaluation by  my principal at work sometime this week, and all hints point to Monday or Tuesday for the “drive-by,” as my friend, April, calls it.  This one is unscheduled, a “drop-in,” and can happen any time during the day.
  • I was sure it was going to happen last Thursday during Language Arts, so I planned something fun for the class and started on time.  (That last part alone should be enough to earn a few high marks.)
  • My principal didn’t come, obviously, which is proof that not choosing to make a living as a fortune-teller was a good thing.
  • I spent the better part of Sunday planning another lesson in case she comes this week.  I still think the drive-by will occur during Language Arts because we’ve adopted a new method of teaching, and I believe she will want to see how it’s going.
  • If she happens to come during Science, I’m sunk.  Dead in the water.
  • If she happens to read the blog, please, fearless leader, drop in during Language Arts!  I would really like to keep my job.
  • She is a very busy person and couldn’t possibly have time to read the blog.  That’s probably a good thing.
  • Unless she knows someone who needs a pair of Stay-Put-Socks.

That is all for this Monday.  I hope to see you back tomorrow to find out who won the pair of Stay-Put-Socks. Thanks to the owner of the company, there’s even a deal for everyone else who didn’t win but would still like a pair!

Happy Monday!


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Kelley
    Jan 25, 2010 @ 09:34:51

    My supervisor told me once that she reads my blog.
    Which is only fair because I blog at work.
    Then again, my supervisor does her wedding planning during work hours, so it only seems fair, right?

    Good luck with the “drive by”. : )


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