Got Ice?

We do.  We’ve got plenty of it.

Three out of our four dogs aren’t crazy about the ice, but Duke doesn’t mind.  He goes outside every time the door opens.  I’m not sure what he does out there other than stand around and bark at the ice.  Granted, he’s not the Einstein of the dog world, but he’s as sweet as they come.

I didn’t think we were going to get the forecasted WINTER WEATHER, because the last time Memphis was supposed to get WINTER WEATHER, we got a dusting of snow.  And then there was the time that the school systems jumped the gun and cancelled school.  For rain.  So you can see why I didn’t put a lot stock in all the WINTER WEATHER talk.

So, naturally, the WINTER WEATHER came.

It started out with sleet, followed by a little — but beautiful — snow, and then the freezing rain started falling.  We kept hearing that the big, pretty snow was on its way to us, but it skipped right over Memphis.  My mother, who lives an hour northeast of us, called this morning to report that she was looking at about seven inches of beautiful snow.  I’ve never been so homesick.

David, Tater Tot, Small Fry and I have been crammed into our house for about 36 hours, and cabin fever is about to set in.  I asked David to drive us all to the grocery store, and he looked at me like I’d offered to clean the house and cook a delicious meal.  In other words, he was stunned.

After explaining that he most certainly would NOT put his family in the car and drive us to the store for diet coke and Fiddle Faddle, he promptly jumped in the shower, defrosted his Jeep, asked for my grocery list, and left.  Apparently, cabin fever got the better of him.

Tater Tot has managed to play with every toy he has while watching loads of movies and untold episodes of Scooby-Doo on Boomerang.

And Small Fry?  Well, he’s now crawling, so he’s led us on several chases.

Things are about to pick up around here.  If I think the ice is something, wait until Small Fry starts walking.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. JLI
    Feb 01, 2010 @ 10:01:35

    Oh, that last picture is too darling for words!!

    We’re having the weirdest winter here too! Barely any snow, but it’s been colder than an eskimo’s tit!

    The only upside has been having a fireplace, although we burned through the wood in about 3 weeks time. I’m not convinced yet that it’s worth the effort of loading it up then tossing it down the hill to our patio and stacking it in the storage closet.

    I’m ready for summer.


  2. Kate Brotherson
    Feb 02, 2010 @ 01:47:21

    I see that “small fry” is crawling and I noticed his feet aren’t staying in his footed pj’s… Try putting the Stay Put Socks on the outside of his jammies. I have been doing this with my 7 month old Jackson who just started crawling and his feed don’t come out. One of my customers shared this “new” way of wearing Stay Put Socks! with me and I love it. Let me know what you think…..


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