A Few of My Favorite Things

For lack of anything else to write about, I thought I’d share a few things that I am crazy about  at the moment.

Aveeno Baby Lotion

This is the best baby lotion I’ve come across.  Small Fry has very fair and sensitive skin, and this stuff is great.  It doesn’t have that “baby smell” that J&J boasts, but it does a good job of keeping his skin soft and smooth.

OxyClean Laundry Spray

I haven’t found anything yet that this pretreatment won’t get out.

Williams-Sonoma Olive Oil Candle

Oh, this candle brings me untold joy.  Its scent is fresh and clean, and I hate to blow it out.  Originally, I bought one for a friend for her birthday, but I liked it so much that I kept one for myself and went back to the outlet for another.  It is fun, fun, fun to have a Williams Sonoma outlet just 10 minutes from our house.

Moroccan Oil

Okay, that’s the tiniest picture EVER.  Sorry about that, friends.  Anyhoo, this product is for your hair, and it is magic stuff.  It’s the best smoother, straightener, and  frizz-tamer I’ve ever used, and this curly-haired girl has used a ton of products to try and straighten the mane.  Moroccan Oil has changed my hair, y’all.  It’s softer, smoother, and oh-so-easy to straighten now.  It’s on the expensive side, but the first bottle I bought lasted eight months, which evened out to about $5 a month.  Trust me on this one, this is worth the money.

What are your favorite things these days?  I’d love to hear what great things I’m missing out on, so clue this girl in!


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. JLI
    Mar 19, 2010 @ 09:35:17

    Ooh, Oxy Clean Spray. That might be worth trying. Right now, I used the powder in the whites to try and get socks clean. I think it’s lost its power a little. I remember it doing a much better job a couple years ago.

    Some of my must-haves:
    Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. It’s uses are endless.

    Pine Sol. It’s a smell we never tire of.

    Aquage Beyond Shine Spray. It improves flat-ironing by like 200%. No kidding. I won’t flat iron without it. I get it at Beauty World and it’s $15 a can. But that can lasts me anywhere from 6 months to a year, depending on how often I flat iron. And the Aquage products all have THE best aroma!

    Ponds Dry Skin Face Cream. I doubt I’ll use this in the summer (that’s when I switch to Neutrogena with SPF), but for winter, when dry skin rules, I’ve found this cream to be the one thing that actually alleviates the flaking and itchiness I’m so prone to. It’s been around since the days of horse & buggy, I think. My grandma used it. And it’s very reasonably priced at our favorite W-store.

    Speaking of Neutrogena, I also use their MositureShine Lip Smoother lip gloss. It’s not the cheapest stuff (around $7 for a small tube), but it is a really thick formula that feels absolutely divine. I’m not a lipstick girl whatsoever, and this stuff has a light tint to it. Draw on a little lipliner and fill in with this stuff and VOILA! Pretty lips!


  2. kim sue
    Mar 21, 2010 @ 09:52:44

    I’m going to check out that candle tomorrow! I work around the corner from the WS outlet. Sometimes the WS outlet and the PB outlet can get me in trouble!


  3. Quirky
    Mar 26, 2010 @ 13:15:04

    I’ll have to try the Moroccan oil…thanks for the tip. And speaking of oils, I love my Neutrogena Sesame Seed Oil for the ultimate in wonderful feeling skin. For some reason, the folks at Neutrogena have refused to put a spritzer top on it for easy application, so I get around it by substituting my own spray top. Just spritz it on after a shower and feel the sesame seed love.


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