I’m way behind on taking care of our flower beds.  I suppose I’ll add that to my growing list of things to do.  Earlier this morning I took a little stroll around the backyard to get a feel for what needs to be done, added, taken away, etc., and I was immediately reminded why I enjoy playing around in the dirt.

David planted these Knock-Out Roses a couple of years ago, and they’ve just about taken over one section of the beds.

When the hydrangeas start blooming, I start smiling!  This is one we planted a few years ago.

This is a hydrangea that we got from my (late) great-aunt.  YEARS and YEARS ago, she brought one of these wild hydrangeas back from Pickwick and planted it in her yard.  When she gave us this one about 10 years ago, she had a whole row of them along her fence.  They all came from the one plant.  She leaned one low branch over in the dirt, covered it up a little and then put a brick on top of it.  Before long, another hydrangea would grow.  Isn’t that neat?  This is by far my favorite plant in our yard, and if we ever move, this baby is coming with us.

I still have to get some pots out on the front porch.  I’ll probably fill them with New Guinea Impatiens, which I adore.

Guess I should get myself to the plant store, huh?

Have a safe and wonderful Memorial Day weekend, everybody.  Don’t forget to hang your American flags Monday!


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