All the Happy

It’s amazing how many little things there are out there that bring a little happiness into our lives.  These are just a few of the things that bring a smile to my face these days.

Sonic diet cokes and strawberry limeades.

(I realize that the picture is of a cherry limeade, but I couldn’t find a strawberry picture!)  I’ve gotten into a habit lately of going to Sonic, or “Super Sonic,” as Tater Tot calls it, just about every day for one of those two drinks.  Y’all know how I love diet coke, and the strawberry limeades make me think of going to our town’s Sonic in high school.  Thanks to that high school habit, I always park on the far side, which we called the “cool” side.  I just can’t bring myself to park anywhere else.  When we were in high school, if there were no more parking spaces on the cool side, we either kept on driving down “the strip” or we parked on the other side and walked over to where our friends were parked.  You know…because we were cool like that.

Bath and Body Works Wallflowers in Fresh Lemon.

This is a light scent that smells, amazingly enough, fresh and clean.  It is purely deeee-lightful!

Chips and salsa from Chili’s.  I love, love, love their chips and salsa!

A clean house. I’m still working on deep cleaning ours, but it’ll get there!  I love the way Pine-Sol smells.  Oh, and also Citrus Pledge.  Oh, oh, and Scrubbing Bubbles!  I also love vacuum tracks, and I don’t care if the lines are perfectly lined up on my carpet.  (I’m just happy to get a room vacuumed without being chased by Small Fry!)  What about you, though?  Do you have to have your vacuum lines perfectly straight?

Clean sheets.

A cute purse. You know, I can pass on shoes fairly easily.  I’ve never really had a thing for shoes, but I do love a cute purse.  Of course, now my purse is a diaper bag, but one day that will change, and OH, THE JOY!

Bath and Body Works Anti-Bacterial Moisturizing Handsoap.

I promise this post is not sponsored by Bath and Body Works, but, Hey!  Folks at BBW,  I’d sure be up for something like that! I like to use this in the kitchen because it leaves the sink smelling really good after you wash your hands.  My current favorite is White Citrus, but the Cucumber Melon is equally divine.

The smell of freshly-bathed children. Because let’s face it, dirty, sweaty children are not exactly pleasing to the nose.

Lunch or a movie with good friends.

John 3:16.

A really good book. I love Patricia Cornwell, David Baldacci, Iris Johansen, and Pat Conroy.  One of these days, when the boys are a little older and a little more independent, I will get to the books that keep piling up in my “To Read” stack.

My men. I can’t find a good picture of all three together, but you’ve seen them before and know who I’m talking about.

Thank you, and the end.


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  1. JLI
    Jun 07, 2010 @ 13:52:24

    I will second you on the smell of Pine-Sol. It’s darn near next to holy…

    I will also second you on the vacuum tracks. Agreed. I’m not a stickler for them being perfectly straight. However…when I was younger, in my mom’s bedroom there was gold shag carpeting. I would vacuum the carpet for minutes on end just trying to make sure the pile was all going in the same direction so I couldn’t even SEE lines. Thus my love of vacuuming was born and is still going strong to this day.

    Sidebar: I don’t know how on earth we ended up with one, but, we had a carpet rake. I would rake the carpet every day FOR FUN. I don’t know which happened first – we moved or the carpet rake got mysteriously “lost”. It’s a good thing, otherwise the carpet would have been raked through to the padding!

    I have some VERY strange affinities…


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