Totally Tubular

We went for Small Fry’s one-year checkup yesterday, and it looks like tubes are definitely in his ears’ future.  The adenoids might vamoose, too.  After an appointment next week with an ENT we’ll know for sure, but my money’s on tubes.

Other than that, the visit was rather uneventful.  Small Fry weighs in at 23 pounds and he’s 30 inches tall.  Totally average for his age.  Everything else — heart, eyes, blah, blah — checked out just fine.  And for that, we are grateful.

Tater Tot, I’m happy to say, is on the mend and feeling like his old self again.  He spent the better part of the day giving orders for me to follow.  He wanted juice, then he didn’t.  It was water.  No, wait, juice again.  After we left the doctor’s office, Tater Tot said that his stomach was starving and that it wanted a cheeseburger.  It turns out that he only wanted the bun and the ketchup.

I know.

Grody to the max.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. JLI
    Jun 11, 2010 @ 07:34:46

    Bun and ketchup? When you could have a mystery meat burger too? Well that’s no fun!


  2. David
    Jun 23, 2010 @ 20:06:57

    We had ear infection after ear infection when we returned from Ethiopia, and our doctor said one more and it’s time for tubes. Several friends told us to take her to the chiropractor and we did…not an ear infection in the 15 months since. It may be worth a try. The aligned her neck and “straightened” the tubes out…

    I probably have the only 2 year old you know who has a chiropractor and uses $50 worth of hair products a month!


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