Involuntary Eavesdropping

Saturday morning, David offered to keep the boys while I took a little time to recover from being at home all week with 2 boys, one of whom was sick.  He didn’t have to ask me twice.  I was out the door by 1:15, and I took myself right down to the movie theater.  Or the picture show, as my Grandmama Maxine would say.

About the only thing showing that remotely interested me was “Knight and Day” with Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz.  I bought my ticket and a bottle of water (no diet coke — shocking), found a seat, and waited for the trailers to begin.  The movie was showing in one of the smaller theaters, I suspect due to the less than raving reviews of the movie, but the little theater quickly filled up to capacity.  There were 4 seats to a row, and I had the aisle seat, with a family of three sitting next to me.

As the trailers started, the lady’s phone rang, so naturally she answered it and practically screamed into it in order to be heard over what the rest of us were trying to watch.  The other person was screaming, too, so I could hear the whole conversation.  I won’t bore you with the whole thing, but I will tell you that Stephanie got Aunt Barbara to stay with Memaw that night, and that everyone was taken care of.  I know you are relieved, as were the other 87 people in the room.

When she finally got off the phone, her husband told her to turn off her toy.  She hollered that she had to unlock it first, but couldn’t remember how to do it.  It seemed like this went on for a sweet forever.  Much like this post.  At long last, my neighbors settled back into their chairs and continued smacking their extra large bucket of popcorn, brushing their crumbs all over the floor.  And my feet.

The movie eventually started, and I settled into my chair, ready to enjoy the next two hours.  The movie was action packed from the get-go with all kinds of twists and turns and great chase scenes and great stunts.  I thoroughly enjoyed the show.  Except for the parts – almost the entire movie — during which the husband tried to predict what was going to happen next or explain what just happened.  “Oh, look, she’s gonna be behind that door.”  “He meant to bump into her.  He meant to.  I know it!”  “Aw, he’s about to get killed.”

I wanted to say, “Hang on!  The lady two seats over is about to throw her water on you!”  But I paid almost as much for that little bottle of water as I did for the ticket, so I held onto it.

Sometimes it’s kind of fun to hear what other people are saying.

And then sometimes it’s not.


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Quirky is a Compliment
    Jul 21, 2010 @ 12:24:00

    I HATE that! And those people ALWAYS sit by me! Last time I went to the theater, I sat in front of a little old couple. He couldn’t read anything on the screen and she couldn’t hear any of the dialogue. So she read everything that was printed and he repeated ALL the dialogue! I’m glad they had worked out a system, but I didn’t need to be part of it. It was like watching the entire movie with an echo.


  2. JLI
    Jul 22, 2010 @ 08:18:01

    I wouldn’t have had this problem because 1.) I won’t pay full price for a movie 2.) I won’t even pay matinee price for a movie, because it’s now as much as a regular price ticket USED to be and 3.) I won’t pay full price let alone bargain basement price to watch Tom Cruise because he’s whackadoo and I get my dose of that watching The Real Housewives of .

    Unless it’s Top Gun, in which case, I can normally find on cable. 🙂


  3. JLI
    Jul 22, 2010 @ 08:21:20

    Oh, how weird…I typed out “The Real Housewives of “insert state here”, but I used carrots on either side of “insert state here” so it disappeared in the comment.



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