A Hodgepodge

Tiny bits of tantalizing information for you to relish, remember, and repeat.

Or not.

1.  I got my hair cut last Wednesday, and unlike last year’s back-to-school- haircut, I like this one.  Wonders never cease, right?  It’s just an above-the-shoulder bob.  Nothing Earth shattering.  I considered a pink mohawk but decided that might scare the 2nd graders.  Or at the very least their parents.

2.  Small Fry, as is age-appropriate, is my little shadow and is having quite the attachment anxiety issues.  It’s endearing at first, but after a while I started to wonder if I’ll ever go to the bathroom or take a shower by myself again.  Speaking of showers, Small Fry has an unholy fit if I take one.  I’ve been relegated to washing my hair by sitting in the tub and using the shower hose while Small Fry throws toys into the tub.  I realize I could lock the door to keep him from coming into the bathroom with me, but that just makes him stand at the door beating on it while wailing.  It’s just pitiful, bless his little heart.

3.   It appears that FOUR is going to be the year of throwing fit after fit after fit where Tater Tot is concerned.  I’d heard that four is the year that the fits stop and the sweet child returns.  I’m not saying that Tater Tot isn’t sweet, because he can be sweeter than southern sweet tea.  But.  He has perfected the art of screaming, crying, and jumping up and down as the preferred way of voicing his displeasure.  Fabulous four, where are you?  (I have a friend who said her little boy stayed three for about two years.  You can imagine how reassuring that was…)

4.  Since I’ll have several months throughout the year of car duty, I need a good raincoat, and I’d prefer that it be sort of cute.  I’m wild about these raincoats with the polka dot lining, but they’re a little on the expensive side.  But I do love the red one.  These are a little less expensive and cute too.  I think I would choose navy or yellow.  Which do you like better?

5.  I’ve been consuming A LOT of coffee lately.  The other day, Tater Tot told me not to talk so closely to him after I take a sip because my breath hurts his nose.  I wonder if there’s a Tic-Tac flavored coffee.

6.  It’s still 147 degrees here in the River City, and it may be a little early to think about winter clothes, but this sweater is calling my name.

I have no idea why I think you’re remotely interested in my wardrobe issues, so I will stop now.

7.  We, the teachers, are officially back at work.  The last two days haven’t been so bad, and I’ve enjoyed seeing everyone and working to get my room ready.  We have our class lists, and so far I’ll have 22 little 2nd graders.  I. Can’t. Wait.  🙂

8.  Yesterday was registration day, and we could either work the early or late shift.  Thinking that the late shift would work better for our little family, I signed right up for the 12:30-7:30 time slot.  I figured that if I worked the late shift, David wouldn’t have to help out with the boys until after work, and it would only be for a couple of hours at the most.  Well, you know what I get for thinking, right?  Poor David came down with something horrible Monday;  sore throat, congestion, hoarse, fever, the works.  He stayed home yesterday and had to take care of the little ones and feeling awful.  After what happened the last time I left him to fly solo with the boys, coupled with yesterday’s experience, he’ll probably never agree to keeping the boys by himself again.  (I can’t really say that I blame him.)

9.  A few nights ago after Tater Tot’s bath, he decided to wear his fleece robe and a Santa hat for a little while.  It was like Christmas in July.

Oh, how that little boy makes me laugh.

That is all for this session of Tater randomness.

Here’s hoping the rest of your week is filled with lots of fun hodgepodge.


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. JLI
    Aug 04, 2010 @ 08:30:15

    Of the two rain jackets, I like them both equally, but for different reasons;
    Blue – it’s a bit more neutral and will look nice with just about anything.
    Yellow – the plaid is F-U-N and I like the idea of a nice bright color when it’s all dreary and yuck outside. I don’t think you could wrong either way! I’m on a yellow kick lately even though it makes me look sickly, since I’m so fair (although I’ve been working on alleviating the pastiness that is me in the summertime and can almost wear yellow without making others gag.)


  2. Kelley
    Aug 04, 2010 @ 08:55:26

    In regards to raincoats: I like the green one, but I’m a sucker for green.
    In regards to the sweater: brown please! I’ve turned into my grandmother, who’s favorite color was brown. Now, in my older age, I see why! 🙂

    And Tator Tot in the santa hat: adorable!!


  3. Jennifer
    Aug 04, 2010 @ 09:54:27

    Let me begin by saying that your hair cut was not that bad last year. Maybe to you, but to the rest of us…it wasn’t bad. I always think you look cute…with hair that’s a little shorter, or hair that’s a little longer.

    I love the raincoats!!! I really like that red polka dot one. In the other selection I like the navy one. I REALLY love the red polka dot one, though. Fun!

    I also LOVE those sweaters! It’s so YOU! I love that one with the turquoise polka dots. Cute!

    I LOVE YOUR CHILD. I could just smooch all over his sweet lil face! Do I get to enjoy him this year? I’ve been meaning to ask.


  4. Jenna
    Aug 04, 2010 @ 12:15:01

    My vote is for the blue… though I agree that the yellow one is cheery.


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