At Which Point In-Service Redeemed Itself

I’m sticking to my guns about Thursday’s day-long in-service that gave all of un an insight into what hell must be like.  I’m still a little worked up about the seven hours of my life that I’ll never get back.

However, Friday’s in-service was more than worth the three hours that 5,000 Shelby County teachers spent together.

We all gathered that morning for the annual pep-talk by a motivational speaker.  And let me tell you, friends, this one did not disappoint us in the least.  He was PHENOMENAL.

We were blessed to hear from Ron Clark, and if you don’t know who he is, please take a look at the links I’ve posted.  When I heard his name, I kept thinking that it sounded familiar, but I couldn’t place him to save my life.  Once the introduction began, I couldn’t believe how dumb I was.  He’s an outrageously out-of-the-box-thinking educator, author, and founder of the Ron Clark Academy in inner city Atlanta.  A couple of years ago there was a movie, The Ron Clark Story, in which Matthew Perry played Mr. Clark.  I didn’t see it when it aired, but you can believe I’m going to find it and watch it within a few days.

Anyolehoo, I’m glad to know that someone at our board of education knows how to plan a meaningful day of in-service.  And this time, the sound system worked and no fire alarms went off.

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