A Few Unrelated Items

It’s late Wednesday night, and I’m about to work on lesson plans for tomorrow – because I like to stay on top of things – but I thought I’d pop in for a short post.  What would a week be without a few posts about randomness?

*  We’re still waiting on the little cutie in my room to lose her tooth, and it’s driving the other children to the point of frenzy.  They are inundating her with tips on how to pull it:  twist and pull, wrap a rubber band around it and yank, and the old bit about biting into an apple.  Several of the boys have gallantly offered to pull the tooth for her.  Wisely, she’s turned them all down.  At any rate, we’re all sitting on pins and needles waiting for Loosey-Goosey-Toothy to fall out.

*  In two days, my little class has received four compliments on their hallway and lunch behavior from staff members.  This is overwhelming for me considering that last year’s homeroom never earned four compliments in…well, the entire year.  Oh, second grade, I adore you.

*  I’ve stopped at Starbucks the last two mornings for a hot cup of coffee to ward off the chill from the 104-degree cold snap we’re having in Memphis.  I’ve run into so many of our faculty that we could have our morning staff meetings there.

*  The new blog design is underway and I love it.  I may make the leap within the next week, and I hope you’ll follow me to my new home.  I have the option of using a tagline under “Tater Tales,” but I’m having a hard time coming up with something catchy.  Feel free to offer up suggestions.  Who knows.  If I end up using your suggestion, there may be a little prize for you.

*  Small Fry is trying so hard to get some words out.  He’s 15-months-old and should have a few words in his vocabulary by now.  However, the pediatrician told us that it may take a while for him to catch up seeing as how, prior to getting tubes put in, he was practically half deaf for the last nine months.  So far he’s trying to say “dog” with all kinds of enthusiasm.  “Car” is the other word he gets excited about.  And there’s something he says that he uses for both “milk” and “more.”  Maybe he just wants more milk, which kind of makes sense.  Anyway, I’m trying not to stress out over the lack of words.  After all, we spend a lot of time wanting our babies to walk and talk, and then we spend the rest of the time wanting them to sit down and be quiet.  We are a strange people, no?

*  Tater Tot is entering into the phase where he really wants to “help,” but his efforts are usually (a) a surprise, and (b) not exactly helpful.  For example, the other night I found a wad of wet clothes just outside the washing machine.  I asked if he did it, and he said that he wanted to help me do the laundry.  The problem was that there were already clothes in the dryer, so he decided to let the other clothes air dry.  Bless it.  His heart was in the right place. (Too bad the wet clothes weren’t.)

That’s about it from here.  I’m off to plan something that will keep 21 second graders and their teacher awake for at least half the day tomorrow.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. thefarmerfiles
    Aug 12, 2010 @ 07:26:34

    My eldest was not speaking in complete sentences until after he was three. That was so stressful having the only kid (and my first) that wasn’t talking like everyone else. Now he drives us nuts because all he does is talk, talk, talk like a little walking factoid…encyclopedia! It all happens in good time. He started with a speech therapist at 18m and he just didn’t really talk until the time was right.


  2. JLI
    Aug 12, 2010 @ 08:36:09

    104 degree cold-snap. Heh. You are wickedly funny. Of course, I say that as I sit here at 8:30 am with temps in the mid 80’s on their way to 100+ today, hot coffee in hand.

    I don’t about a tag line, but I love the idea of your banner being a Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head Family. 🙂


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