So Much Randomness, So Little Time

Things at the Tater house have gone into overdrive, and one of these days I’ll find the time to tell you all about it.  In the meantime, here are some totally random things just for you.

1.  The pictures from Tater Tot’s birthday party are stuck on a camera for which I can’t find the cord.  My big camera eats batteries like Tater Daddy eats PopTarts, so I took our smaller camera to the party.  As soon as I find the cord that allows me to download pictures, I’ll post some.  I am sure you are on the edge of your seats with anticipation.

2.  No pictures of this haircut are coming anywhere near the blog, but thanks for the curiosity.  So far, in the seven days since  the unfortunate chopping, my hair hasn’t looked the same two days in a row.  When it has just been dried but not treated with insane amounts of heat, I look a lot like Donny Osmond from the 70s when he was just a little bit rock-n-roll.  After I put the heat to it (hot roller and the flatiron) Friday, I had a look much like Florence Henderson’s/Carol Brady’s flip/shag, which was most definitely a mistake.  But my haircut doesn’t have as much distance between the shag and the flip.  That’s a plus.  Sunday I put big hot rollers in it all over and then brushed it out so it had loose curls in the back.  Nice and pouffy.  It was like high school all over again, without the madras plaid skirts and twist-a-bead necklaces.  Who knows what tomorrow will bring for my hair?  Every day is a hairdo adventure.

3.  Have y’all tried the peach milkshake at Chick-fil-A?  If not, make haste to the nearest location and order yourself a giant one.  You will not regret it one bit.  It is milkshake perfection all the way around.

The end.

See you later, alligators!


What Time Is It?

Tool Time!

ready for action!

My brother drove home from Knoxville for Tater Tot’s birthday party last Saturday.  As if driving across the state (and Tennessee is a L-O-N-G state, in case you haven’t noticed) weren’t enough to show his complete devotion to his older nephew, he brought two gifts with him.

First is the firetruck you see on the floor.  It has flashing lights and sirens, plus a ladder and doors that really open.  Apparently, that’s very cool from a 3-year-old’s point of view.  Tater Tot has two other firetrucks, but they’ve been cast aside for the one his uncle gave him.  

The next gift is what you see in the picture:  the Home Depot power tools set, complete with safety goggles.  The hat is leftover from the Bob the Builder show we went to, but it does complete the look, does it not?  Can you imagine how much help he’s going to be to his Daddy now that he has his own power tools?

To say that Tater Tot loves these tools is like saying Boo Mama thinks cheese is “just okay.”  Understatement. Of. The. Year.  His joy knows no bounds.

In fact, last night he was carrying the tools around in his tool bag, and he said, “I wuv my toowels.  They are PERFECT for me!”  Later, when he got himself all decked out in his goggles and plastic hardhat, he grabbed one of his saws declared, “I’m weddy for action!”

Yes, he is.  Every minute of the day.